By John Grisham

About the Author

Josh Grisham born February 8, 1955 is an author, writer, father, and politician. Grisham has published over 20 books and has had a few of them made into movies. Grisham began writing the fiction novel, Bleachers, in 2003 and it was published June 22, 2004


The book Bleachers is based on four days, and it all revolves around the coach of the local football teams death. Eddie Rake, the coach, is highly respected by everyone in the town, Everyone comes out to give there respect. and The star of the football team Neely Crenshaw is back for the first time in a long time. The coach and Neely had a rough relationship. But he puts that behind him and comes to give respect. When Neely is back in town he begins to hang out with past teammates. Throughout the book they all begin to look back on the good and bad times with Coach Rake.

Character Analysis

Praise or Pan

I would praise the book because it was about sports and if you like sports you found your book