K-6 Library Monthly Report

August/September 2016


School Days This Month: 21

Total Lessons Taught: 160

Classes that checked out each week: 46

Students served (individual students coming to library not with a class): 502

Items checked out: 8,008


-I have collaborated with Mrs. Knapik to develop after-school technology trainings once-a-month for faculty.

-I will be working with Mrs. Kleiber next week to develop poetry stations for her class during their library time.

-I have worked with the 2nd grade team and had their classes come in for a special STEM lesson that tied into their folktales/fables unit.

-I will be working with Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hakemack, and Mrs. Cooper to develop our first book club. Students will meet after-school on Tuesdays (beginning October 11th) to read Bluebonnet nominees, discuss with their peers, and do fun activities relating to the books. As of now, we have 59 students signed up to participate!


- All classes Kindergarten-6th have received Library Orientation.

-Pre-K has learned about library manners during their monthly story time. Kindergarten and 1st grade has learned about book care and parts of a book. 2nd grade has learned about the difference between fiction and nonfiction books, and how to locate each in the library. 3rd grade has worked diligently on their "Library Detective" unit and soon each student will earn their own library license.
-The Texas Bluebonnet Program has been promoted to grades 4th-6th.

-Kinder-2nd grade students participated in "Dot Day" to honor the book The Dot.

-2nd grade received a special STEM lesson in the makerspace as an extension for their folktale/fable unit.

Additional tasks performed this month

-The nonfiction section is currently under review and books are now being weeded to keep our collection relevant.

-S'more monthly newsletters have been sent to all Hermes/ Intermediate faculty members to keep them updated about what's going on in the library.

-The library along with Mrs. Knapik will host a technology training for the faculty once a month.

-Bilingual books were purchased with the grant money that was received in May from TWL.