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Nixon School Volunteer Guidelines


Visitors are invited to visit the school and be involved in school activities for pre-scheduled activities and pre-arranged visits. All visitors enter through the front entrance, sign in at the front desk and wear a visitor badge while in the building or volunteering on the campus.


Volunteering is a wonderful way to be part of your child’s school experience, and we are excited to have you join us. Many volunteer opportunities are available through our staff and Nixon PTO. Your presence enhances all we do to teach and support our students. As a volunteer, you enable enrichment opportunities that enhance the educational experience for students while supporting teachers and staff. By modeling for students the kinds of behaviors and attitudes they need in order to succeed, you help them to develop into productive citizens of the school community.

Below are key guidelines relative to safe and successful volunteer experiences:


  • All volunteers enter through the front office. Never ask a student or teacher to open a door for you. Never enter the school through a classroom.

  • Sign in at the front desk and obtain a visitor badge from an office staff member. Visitor badges are worn at all times while volunteering. Volunteers sign out upon departure.

  • Please refrain from bringing food or drink into the building when you are volunteering.

  • If there is a fire/evacuation/emergency drill during your volunteering time, follow the direction of the teachers, silently exiting the building in an orderly fashion. Only return to the building when directed by a teacher or administrator.

  • Report immediately any observations or suspicion of emotional or physical harm to a staff member.

CORI Checks

All volunteers must have a CORI check completed before they can come into the school to volunteer. Please inquire at the main office and be sure to bring a photo ID to complete the CORI form. CORIs can take up to two weeks to process, so please submit your form early. CORI checks are good for three years. You can inquire about the status of your CORI on file at any time with the Nixon office.


Respecting student and family privacy is of utmost importance, and volunteers are cognizant of confidentiality at all times. All information pertaining to students or staff members is considered strictly confidential. Information gained while working in the school should remain confidential. The only exception is reporting a situation or concern to a staff member. Parents/guardians who violate student or staff confidentiality will not be allowed to continue volunteering at the school.

  • Only teachers may communicate to parents about student performance.

  • While many of us enjoy sharing our experiences on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, please refrain from posting photos or movies of students from your volunteer experiences at school or on field trips on social media sites (unless they solely depict your own child and no other individuals).

  • If you do see something you find uncomfortable, let the teacher or administrator know.

  • If you need to hold a meeting, please contact the front office to reserve a space.

Supporting Positive Behavior

Volunteers have a role in setting a positive example and tone for student behavior. By reinforcing the Nixon School Core Values (Cooperation, Aim High, Respect, Effort, Safety) you support the ongoing work of developing our students’ capacity as community members. Let the classroom teacher take the lead on signals and techniques for modeling and controlling behavior. Support the teacher and get direction from the teacher so that the teacher’s classroom goals are achieved. Volunteers may offer redirection to students, but should defer to staff members to respond to behavioral or disciplinary needs. If volunteering in your own child’s classroom, make sure your child knows you are volunteering and let him or her know that you will be there to help all the children in the classroom.

COVID-19 Protocols

Visitors must observe all school COVID protocols. This includes wearing a mask in the building and maximizing physical distancing inside whenever practicable, regardless of vaccination status. Visitors are not required to wear masks or maintain physical distance when outside. As federal, state, and local guidance regarding COVID continue to evolve, visitor protocol may change throughout the year. For additional information, please visit the SPS COVID website.

Volunteer Opportunities with Nixon PTO

The Nixon Parent and Teacher Organization has guidelines related to specific volunteer opportunities. Please visit the Nixon PTO website or contact a Nixon PTO Co-Chair for more information.

Chat With The Principal

10/14/21 - PTO Meeting Zoom Link - 7:30-8:30

Principal Woods will join in with the Nixon PTO to chat and connect about all-things Nixon.

10/20/21 - Discussion Forum Link - 7:00-8:00

In addition to PTO Meeting attendance, I will hold discussion forums that will involve the partnership of some religious leaders in our Town of Sudbury and Greater Boston communities. This meeting is developed to touch on cultural perspectives.

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The District is committed to working with you to ensure that your child attends school daily.

For informational purposes, the following is a summary of some of the Massachusetts General Laws pertaining to attendance. Additionally, the attendance policies of the Sudbury Public Schools can be found in the Sudbury School Committee Policy JH (Student Absences and Excuses).

School attendance is required by law: Chapter 76, section 1 of the Massachusetts General Laws states that all children between the ages of six and sixteen must attend school. A school district may excuse up to seven (7) full-day sessions or fourteen (14) half-day sessions in any period of six (6) months. In addition to this law, each school may have its own attendance policy with which parents and guardians should be familiar.

An excused absence includes:

  • Documented illness or quarantine

  • Bereavement or serious illness in family

  • Weather so inclement as to endanger the health of this child

  • Religious observances

  • Other exceptional reasons with approval of the school administrator

An unexcused absence includes, but is not limited to:

  • Chronic absences or tardies without medical documentation

  • Truancy

  • Non-emergency family situations

  • Family vacations

With regards to family vacations, please note that with increasing frequency, the District has been receiving requests from families for lengthy excused absences for travel. The District is required to comply with compulsory school attendance laws, as well as applicable District policies, and is unable to excuse extended absences from school for vacations. The District’s protocol is to un-enroll students who are absent from school for extended periods of time (three (3) weeks or more) unless there is documentation of medically-excused absences. This applies for trips for family vacations or other personal reasons.

If trends of tardiness or full day attendance reach the criteria mentioned above, a phone call and/or meeting connection will be made by the Principal or Assistant Principal to find a pathway to support you when having your child(ren) attend school regularly by state standards.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

In the coming weeks, classroom teachers will be in touch with families to invite parents to sign up for fall parent/teacher conferences. Conferences will be scheduled between November 1 through Thanksgiving break. We're planning for conferences to be in-person, though we are able to accommodate virtual meetings by request. Look for your invitation to sign up soon.

Important Dates


10/11/21 No School - Indigenous People’s Day

10/14/21 School Picture Day

10/16/21 1:00-4:00 p.m. Fall Festival

10/20/21 11:45 Dismissal - Early Release Day

7:00-8:00 p.m. Nixon School Connecting Together Virtual Panel Discussion

10/21/21 School Picture Day - Rain Date

10/22/21 Food Pantry Collection

Nixon Core Value Day - Cooperation

10/23/21 1:00-4:00 p.m. Fall Festival - Rain Date

10/26/21 2:35-3:35 School Advisory Council (SAC) Meeting


11/3/21 11:45 Dismissal - Early Release Day (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

11/10/21 11:45 Dismissal - Early Release Day (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

11/11/21 No School - Veterans Day

11/17/21 11:45 Dismissal - Early Release Day (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

11/19/21 Food Pantry Collection

Nixon Spirit Day - Crazy Hair Day

11/23/21 2:35-3:35 School Advisory Council (SAC) Meeting

11/24/21 11:45 Dismissal - Early Release Day

11/25/21 & 11/26/21 No School - Thanksgiving Break

Picture Day is Coming! October 14th!

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