Wilson Weekly

Week of August 20th

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Action Items

  • Digital Literacy Overview - Please ensure that your class completes the Digital Literacy Overview prior to using campus technology. Please click below for access.
  • Emergency Form - Please turn in your Emergency Info form to Jill as soon as possible.
  • Medication Training - Please contact Nurse Jill to set up a time to do the 5-minute medication training in her office. You will need to complete the food allergy compliance training on Schoology and watch the medication administration video/quiz prior to coming to do the training. Please choose 2 people from each team to complete the medication training.
  • Attendance - Similar to last year, attendance should be submitted as close to 10:00 as possible each morning. Consider setting an alarm and reminder to help you out!
  • Committees - Please click below, and indicate if you would be interested in serving on the DEIC or district Diversity Taskforce. Also, please make sure your team is represented on each Vertical Team.
  • GE / Rise & Shine Schedule - Please make sure your class signs up for a time to host!
  • Ranger Posse - Our dads' club is looking for more ways to get involved and support our campus. Mr Keller has asked for ideas/input on any needs we might have. Please shoot me an email if you have any brilliant ideas of how they can plug in and support Wilson!
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Notes from Dr. Hickey

I think Dr. Hickey is planning a slow take-over of the Wilson Weekly. :) Please see below for information from her on supporting learners in need.

  • FUMC Coppell would like to be more involved at Wilson. They currently serve as reading buddies, they have provided financial assistance to families, and they provide an annual lunch for staff. Please give your ideas/suggestions about other ways they can be involved. The sky is the limit as far as ideas! I am meeting with Martha Hagan, the FUMC representative, on August 23 to discuss the possibilities! Thank you!
  • Operation School Bell is a community service that provides new clothes, coats, shoe gift cards, and backpacks for learners. Please complete this form if you have a learner(s) who needs assistance with clothing and/or shoes. Before you complete the form, please make sure that parent(s) have confirmed that they need and want this assistance.
  • Coppell Cares donates snacks for our learners who are not financially able to bring their own snacks each day. If you have a learner(s) who needs this assistance, please complete the form below. Dr. Hickey will provide you with snacks to keep in your classroom for those learners.

Also, please let Kaylyn know if you have any students needing a backpack.

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504 Updates from Jordan

504- Parent Input and Teacher input forms are now required for any learner that falls under section 504.

  • Teacher Input Form- I will email the form at least a week before the scheduled meeting. Please complete the form and return before the meeting!

  • When I send home the notice of meeting form, I will send home the parent input form. Please, try to help students remember to bring back the form!

Thank you for being so flexible and helpful as we transition into using these forms!

iPad Distribution

They have updated the schedule and will be moving on to 3rd Grade tomorrow. I believe they will continue with 2nd on Tuesday and so forth. Once I know for sure, I will pass it along!

Campus SMART Goal

I would LOVE your input as we finalize our campus SMART Goal. Please check out the form below, and add any input or thoughts before we make it official.
Campus SMART Goal

The future is not some place we are going to but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination. —John Schaar, Political Scientist

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Week At A Glance

Monday - College Shirt Day
  • First Day of Team Time - SpEd
  • 3rd Grade iPad Distribution - 1:00-3:00
  • New Hire GE Crash Course - 3:30 - C103

Tuesday - Ed Foundation or PTO Shirt Day

  • Kinder Team Time
  • 2nd Grade iPad Distribution (I Think!)


  • 1st Grade Team Time
  • 1st Grade iPad Distribution (I Think!)
  • Units of Study - Wilson Cohort - 3:30


  • 2nd Grade Team Time
  • Kinder iPad Distribution (I Think!)
  • Rise & Shine Quick Practice - Right after school in the Gym
  • Facebook LIVE Bedtime Story - 7:00

Friday - Team/School/CISD Shirt

  • 1st Rise & Shine! - Educator Led

Looking Ahead...

  • 8/27 - New Hire GE Training - 3:30
  • 8/30 - Deadline to update educator websites
  • 8/30 - Curriculum Night