Nothing's Perfect

Successfully creating a utopian society is just as hard as beating the flash in a race. As shown in The Giver and Enders games, creating a utopian society is very challenging. Making sure everything is perfect and no one rebels is a difficult task. Once the people in a utopian society start to rebal the utopian society becomes distopian and falls apart.
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Once the people In a utopian society began to rebal or break the rules, the society falls apart and becomes distopian. In Enders games Enders father said he would only have two kids but ended up having three and breaking the rules. For example, "He changed his name, renounced his religion, and vowed never to have more than the allotted two children" (Orson14). In Enders community they only want family's to have two children. Enders mom and dad had him and he was their third child. The rules were broken but Enders parents did not get in trouble because Ender turned out to be very useful to the community's battle fleet. When Enders parents had him they had consequences like having to pay for his education because only the first two children got a free education. In the book The Giver, Jonas thought he could take the pain of becoming the new giver but in the end he could not take the pain. For example, "He didn't want the memories, didn't want the honor, didn't want the wisdom, didn't want the pain" (Lowry152). In the beginning Jonas says he can take the pain but after a harsh memory he ends up changing his mind. Jonas disagrees with the way the community works which makes it distopian.
Enders community became distopian when he was born because he was the third child in his family and in his community family's can only have two children. Jonas's community became distopian when he rebelled against his community and gave everyone their memories back. Trying to start a utopian community is nearly impossible as shown in The Giver and Enders games. In both of the books the rules are broken and the community's become distopian.