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To Many Kids Don't Have A Doctor

1 million kids in America don't have access to a pediatrician or family doctor in their home town, so parents have trouble getting or finding a doctor for their child.

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What Ages Should a Parent Take a Child to a Pediatrician?

Pediatrician's work on children from ages of newborn to the age of 17. This how long parent's should take their kids to the doctor.

Nora's Story: Vision Test Saves Baby's Life

Saving Lives in Ghanaian One Birth at a TIme

10 million baby's for a year around the world require help breathing after they are birthed. Breathing can be Stimulated by drying and rubbing the newborn. The picture below is of a woman in AAP training. A-A-P is a computer program used primarily to download, build and install software. It executes what are called "recipes", which are similar to Makefiles, but significantly more powerful.

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