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Leveraging your existing skills!

Specific skills are important and will be sure to land you an interview for a junior position. But there is a lot more to think about in terms of selling yourself. Not only are specific skills important but general skills and your attitude towards the role are important too!

The three categories of skills valued by employers

Have you considered including ALL your skills on your CV?

Specific Skills – as opposed to general attributes fall into two broad groups: the job-related attributes necessary to carry out the job and the knowledge of the good working procedures which your employer will expect you to follow.

General Skills - Regardless of the job and its particular requirements, there are some skills – called soft skills – that everyone is expected to have, to some extent; these skills make you better able to carry out the tasks for any job. For example, planning and

organisational skills, time management, team working, verbal and written communication skills, numeracy skills and other skills such as creativity. The more competent you are in these areas, the more attractive you will appear to a prospective employer.

Soft Skills - Some skills can be learned, such as the technical skills and soft skills mentioned already. Other soft skills – such as determination, independence, integrity,

tolerance, dependability, problem solving, leadership, confidence and self-motivation – are part and parcel of a person’s temperament.

Apply what you've learned!

Now you are able to categorise skills you may not have realised you had/were important to employers, try to pick some out of the following job adverts!
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Specific Skills required for Tech Support

An IT support technician job would require specific skills such as; PC Hardware Knowledge, Experience with Operating systems and, experience with Microsoft Office.

The job would entail fixing computer and identifying problems with a computer so it is vital that they have a strong knowledge on hardware knowledge and various Operating Systems as they would not only have to understand them but be able fix them quickly and efficiently.

They would also need experience with Microsoft office as the job would require the employee would need to frequently need to use most of these programs to takes notes, communicate with co-workers and customers as maintaining an asset list of all the parts and breakdowns.

General Skills Required for Tech Support

The employee would also need to work under pressure as programs and computer don’t always break down at ideal times, it is likely that the employee would need to fix things quickly yet effectively even when everyone around him is stressing about losing work.

It is also important for them to have background IT knowledge as the workplace may be different to what they have previously worked in so they will need this knowledge to quickly adapt the new workspace and programs.

Problem solving is also vital as they employee would have to work out what is wrong with the computer and repair it quickly, a strong grip with problem solving would help the employee massively as they could use that skill and apply it to this job.

Soft Skills Required for Tech Support

It is important in any job to be polite and friendly, it will make the employee work well with the other employees and help them rather than hinder.

Even a highly skilled IT technician would do poorly at their job if they didn’t have effective communication skills as they must be able to talk with their employee or in-house colleague about the problems with the computer and efficiently and effectively talk through the solution or prevention.

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Specific Skills for Web Development

Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery), PHP, .NET, Experience in design programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, Ability in building fully responsive websites

They job would entail using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, such as JQuery or AngularJS, PHP and, .NET on a day-to-day basis so it is very important that they have an expert knowledge with these languages and able write and edit proficiently files with these languages.

It is also important that the employee has prior experience with Photoshop and Illustrator so the employer knows that they have knowledge and skills in design-oriented work.

General Skills for Web Development

Have a keen eye for detail, ability to plan and prioritize work.

The employee must be able to identify mistakes and error within a web page not just on the technical side but on a creative side, they must be sure that the web page they have created is both functional and looks how the customer wanted it to.

It is also vital that the employee can plan and prioritize their work so that every customer gets their work on the due date and that they are working at full efficiency.

Soft Skills for Web Development

Strong communication skills both oral and written, being continuously punctual. Being able to effectively work in a team and individually.

Being punctual is important for every job as the employee should be working for the full day, if they are late less work is getting done. It is also vital that the employee is able to calmly and professionally communicate to their customers about the work through both email and over the phone.