Leadership Qualities

Ericka Cox


The top three leadership qualities are inspiration shown through John Calipari, passion shown through MLK Jr., and confidence shown through Jay Adkins.

Leadership Quality #1 INSPIRATIONAL

Dictionary definition- to be mentally stimulated to think or feel something.

John Caplipari is a very inspirational coach for the Kentucky Wildcats. One of his inspiring quotes is “I need people who look at adversity as a challenge and failure as a learning opportunity.”

Leadership Quality #2 PASSION

Dictionary definition- a strong barley controlled emotion

Martin Luther King Jr. was so passionate when he spoke he was shouting and practically jumping off the stage in excitement about whatever he was speaking on. This passion is seen greatly in his speech "I Had A Dream"

Leadership Quality #3 CONFIDENCE

Dictionary definition- the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.

Jay Adkins is a preacher at Faith Church in Danville. I go to Faith Church and that man is so confident in God and the Bible and everything he believes in. You can tell this because he never says IF or MAYBE he says WHEN God comes he'll be ready. That kind of confidence is what makes him a good leader in my eyes.