Great barrier reef

Chance Cunningham

The Great Barrier reef is one of the worlds hottest vacation spots and is composed of over three thousand individual reef systems and is home to 1,500 different species. but what if i told you that it was starting to deplete due to all the tourist activities? As crazy as it sounds our vacations is what is causing the reefs to die i mean obviously its not only us, some natural factors have affected it as well but activities such as fishing and boating is causing damage as well as things like littering and run off from companies around the reef, i believe that by preventing any further construction on the reefs will help the species of aquatic animals and vegetation thrive because there will be less trash and run off around and in these beautiful reefs. I also believe that we should put certain restrictions of how much fishing and boating can go on in these reefs because things like chemicals from the engine or anchor damage as well as fishing nets and hooks and trash from said boats. primarily because the trash and nets and hooks and everything else oriented to that can get wrapped around or swallowed by the aquatic wildlife. And by doing this we can save the reefs and the species in them so people in the future can see these beautiful reefs and all of the wonders and beautifully amazing species we see today. that is why i believe we should not build yet another resort on the reef so we can continue to visit one of the biggest and most beautiful natural wonders in history.