U.S. Border Patrol (Mexican)

Julio Peters

Descritpion of Career

A U.S. Border Control Officer must find, prevent, and apprehend any illegal imagrants trying to escape mexico and get into the U.S. A Border Patrol Officer uses surveillance cameras, sensor alarms, and infrared technologies to assist thems in their jobs. A Patrol Officer would also help control illegal drug trafficking.

Travel, Dangers, Advantages, Education, and Salary

Travel: An officer would need to patrol around the following spots on the U.S. - Mexico border: South Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona.

Dangers: An officer could have a confrontaion with hostile illegal imagrants trying to get into the U.S.

Advantages: Federal health insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance. Federal law enforcement officers have an excellerated retirement schedule. You can retire with full benefits with as little as 20 years of service.

  • Requirements: You must be a US citizen with a valid driver's license. You must pass a drug test. You cannot be a convicted criminal. You must pass the CBP Border Patrol entrance exam.
  • Education: It is recomended that you get at least a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. Two schools that you get get this degree are Auburn University and Arizona State University.
  • Salary: $24,966 - $51,972