My United States Dream Vacation

The best of New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Las Vagas.

Journals from around the country

Evan O'Brien

English IV

Mrs. Dearman

12 March 2014

Journals of America's biggest cities

As I step off the plane in Las Vagas, I can already see the bright lights of downtown. In the strip, the lights light up the sky and the chatter of many different languages fill up the smokey city. Casinos line up the street, and all you can hear is the excitement and thrill of the games, and the sorrow of some unfortunate losers. It's hard to get a feel of the city. The only way you get that are by the worn out dice at crabb tables, and the bent cards at the blackjack table. At the top of the hotel, all you can see are all of the lights, as the cool breeze of a spring night gently graces your face. Vagas is the city of thrill, with a taste of defeat throughout the land.

Dallas truly is one of a kind. Home to the biggest football stadium in the country, the outside of it looks like something one could only dream of. The game from the first row on the 50 yard line is like watching the old games in a Roman Palace. The stadium is filled with the smell of screaming fans and the smell of America’s favorite snacks.

The Windy City is no joke. The Chicago sights will literally blow you away. The green ivy that lines the outfield walls of Wrigley Field makes people think of the good ole days. Those days where the city wasn't lined with smoke and the loud noises of a 21st century city or, like how it is at Abraham Lincoln's log cabin. The city is also a food lovers dream. Taking a deep bite into a hot, crunchy stack of onion rings from the famous Hackneys my mouth feels like it's in another world. It melts in your mouth, almost like your mouth is a volcano. The Chicago feel is surreal.

Boston has the older time feel. Historical places are all over the land like, Ben Franklin's house. His home is like a walking museum, the history is everywhere. The room filled with that old ink smell. Also like Fenway Park: the green monster inside eats up foul balls. Modern history is there too. The NBA hall of fame has the smell of victory, lined with the taste of defeat. It's halls shrine the brightest starts of its past.

New York City is unlike any city in the world. Madison Square Garden is like a huge palace. It's where everyone goes to watch the games, just like Ancient Rome. The smell of the sweaty players mixes with the smell of excitement from its fans. The hardwood shines up to the ceiling, almost like a giant spotlight. The lights in Time Square are even bigger. The city beams up into the sky. The exact opposite of an alien UFO.

Expenses of this vacation

Plane tickets= $3,000
Madison Square Garden court side tickets= $3,000
Fenway Park suite tickets= $1,000
Dallas Cowboy Stadium 50 yard line for National Championship game= $15,000
Wrigley Field suite tickets= $800
Hackney's dinner for 2= $75
NBA Hall of Fame ceremonial tickets= $2,000
Vagas budget= $10,000
Time Square= $2,500
Gifts and other expenses= $25,000

Total Budget= $62,375

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