CCS Senior UPdate

Final Edition, May 2022 *CCS Office of School Counseling

Finish Line In Sight!

It hasn't been easy, but you have persisted throughout these incredibly challenging times. You are still making history, Class of 2022! Yard signs are on the way to mark your accomplishment!

Having trouble finishing your courses? Keep working and ask your teachers about options. If you still need more time, don't give up! You can finish in summer school and still attend CSCC for FREE or start a career with your diploma. See that information below. You've got this.

Find up-to-date information on graduation ceremonies HERE!

We are here when you need us! Find your School Counselor contact HERE.

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Graduation Requirements & Summer School

  • Many seniors STILL need to return paperwork to earn their 120 internship hours for their internship credit. You will NOT GRADUATE without this.
  • Many seniors STILL need to finish their APEX/online courses. The deadline to finish these is May 2. Do what you need to do NOW to finish. Talk with your APEX coordinator and school counselor about your options if you don't think you will be able to finish in time. Remember, there's a BIG difference between having a 50% current completion as opposed to a 10% current completion for a course....
  • IF YOU DON'T GRADUATE BY THE END OF THIS SCHOOL YEAR, YOU CAN STILL GRADUATE THIS SUMMER! Life is a lot easier with a high school diploma and the time to get that diploma is this year. Work with your counselor to register for the final courses you need to graduate this summer. All courses will be completed online. Students may attend a computer lab at Africentric for additional help and teacher support will be available online.
  • Seniors who graduate this summer will participate in the Summer Graduation ceremony and may still start college in the fall.
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  1. Seniors who failed any graduation requirements may still be able to work with their teachers to bring up Quarter 3 grades from an F to a D. This is up to the teacher and depends on how much work would need to be done.
  2. Need to finish courses in APEX? Remember, to ensure you walk in June, you need to finish all online courses in APEX ASAP! Tests can be unlocked almost any time on any day, so no excuses.
  3. Complete the CCS Senior Year End Activity & Exit Survey in SchooLinks. This is mandatory for ALL seniors! See the screenshot below- these tasks will show up as soon as you log in.
  4. It's STILL not too late to apply for colleges or complete your FAFSA! Please reach out to your counselor & school's IKIC advisor as soon as possible!
  5. Make sure to upload your ALL college award letters and third-party scholarships in SchooLinks. See below for more details on how to do this.
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Columbus Promise Students

If you completed all the steps to attend CSCC for free (yay!), you will have the opportunity to attend a campus visit on either May 10th or 11th (check with your school). Check with your counselor or IKIC advisor for a permission form!
Getting the Money You Need for College!

Click here for scholarship help and national scholarship links. See below for local & regional scholarship opportunities! All details are in your SchooLinks Scholarship List!

You got into college- now what?

See the bottom of the linked page for all your next steps!

Important to-dos if you're heading to college!

  1. May 1st is National College Decision Day. Make sure you notify your chosen college by May 1 and make your deposit if you haven't! Some colleges may have later deadlines. Need help? Reach out to you school counselor or IKIC advisor.
  2. COMPLETE YOUR CCS SENIOR Year End Activity & EXIT SURVEY IN SCHOOLINKS! This is how you will request where to send your final transcript for college. This is mandatory- you cannot enroll in your college classes without this step!
  3. READ YOUR EMAILS from your college and follow all steps by deadlines! You will need to produce shot records, take placement tests, choose meal plans (if living on campus), arrange medical insurance, schedule classes and work with the registrar. Get a more detailed to-do list HERE.
  4. Check the I Know I Can site for any special supports they might be offering this summer for students attending Ohio colleges. IKIC has counselors who assist students on many college campuses, so connect with them! Find more information here!
  5. Attend orientation sessions and consider Summer Bridge programs at your college. These programs are the best way to ensure your success and set you on the right path.

Important Notice for Seniors Attending OSU- Main Campus!

If you plan to live at home, you will need to complete a housing exemption form so that you are not charged housing fees. All information can be found HERE. The OSU Housing exemption form can be found HERE.

You need a notary to validate the form. The simplest way to submit the form after it has been signed is by emailing it to .

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Transitioning Successfully to College

This information is from the Ohio University & Wright State but it can apply to all students and similar services are provided on most campuses.!
What's YOUR career path?

There's no RIGHT path - just YOUR path. Keep walking it! Click on the button above for lots of resources & check out some specific options below.

Still Looking for More Options After High School?

Maybe you want to head right out to work or take a free short-term credential course. There are lots of great options that can lead to great-paying jobs, many of which offer college tuition benefits! Check out your options here.

Consider applying to volunteer through the Americorps City Year program. Get great leadership experience, serve a community and earn a stipend. You can also earn an education award $6,195 (to put toward future college expenses) after a full year. May 6 is the next deadline to apply!

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