Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity


Enzymes are extremely efficient and can be used many times. One enzyme may catalyze thousands of reactions a second. The temperature of an enzymes environment is very important because certain enzymes function best at different temperature ranges.

Research Question

What affect does temperature have on enzymatic activity?


Explanatory Hypothesis: An increase in temperature can increase the reaction rate of enzyme activity.

Prediction: A greater temperature will increase the enzyme rate of reaction.

Null Hypothesis: Altering the temperature will have no affect on reaction rate.

Alternative Hypothesis: The enzyme rate of reaction depends on change in temperature.


An increase in temperature will increase an enzymes rate of reaction.


To conduct this experiment we used a gas pressure sensor to monitor the amount of enzyme activity taking place. The substances used were h2o2 and water. We studied the affects of different temperature water throughout the experiment.


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We found that ultimately temperature does affect the rate of enzyme activity over time.


This experiment was about studying the affect of temperature on enzyme activity. in the end we discovered that there is optimal temperatures for enzymes to perform at.


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