<Your Business Name Here>


Proposed Use of Ute Indian Reservation Land

Marker A: Base Camp/Office

<Write an explanation has to how this location meets the needs of a Base Camp/Office>

Marker B: Hiking

<You need to identify/draw at least 2 NEW trails. One needs to be an easy hike and another a harder hike, but still a hike and not rock climbing. Be sure to include a name for each of your trails and the length of the trail.>

Marker C: Canoeing/Rafting/Kayaking

< You need to select 1 of the options listed (canoeing, rafting, kayaking, tubing) and identify the point along the river/stream where you will drop-off and pick-up customers. Also include the length the trip. Keep in mind, a vehicle is used to transport the customer to the drop off and pick up locations. On your map, draw the proposed roadway to these 2 locations. >

Marker D: <Your Choice from Board>

< You need to identify the location of this activity and include an explanation of how the terrain meets the needs of this activity. >