The Industrial Age

By:Hailey Davis

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J.P. Morgan

Who: J.P Morgan was a man who loved money and art.

What: J.P. Was an famous American financier and banker.

Where: he lived in the city of Philadelphia.

When: He lived from 1837- 1913.

Why: He was good at his job and enjoyed it and the profit.

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Thomas A. Edison

Who: Thomas Edison was an inventor of many things.

What: He invented many things, he even improved the lightbulb.

When:He started inventing in 1876.

Where: He worked in an invention factory, or on his couch where he could think.

Why: He invented thing because he had many ideas and things he wanted to try.

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Haymarket Riot

Who: Several people going on strike that led to a riot.

What: It was a strike that lead to bombing.

When: Tuesday may 2, 1886

Where: The riot was at the Haymarket square.

Why: The riot was caused by people who wanted change in there job.

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Who: The different railroads tried to see who could go faster and It got very competitive.

What: the expansion was the railroads expanding west.

When: 1869 may they met up in Utah.

Where: they met up at there meeting place in Utah.

Why: The U.S wanted to expand to connect the two sides of the content.