Hedrick Elementary 2014 Data

Pride, Determination, Resiliency!

What is the state of Texas measuring?

How did Hedrick measure up?

Index calculations

Index 1- all student tests lumped together for a %

Index 2-Progress, students might not pass but do show a years growth

Index 3-Closing achievement gaps, compares previous years lowest performing group to their scores this year

Index 4- College and career readiness, meet by students performing on level2 on 2 or mores tests

How can we work together?

What does the state expect from our students?

What do you see as your student's strengths?

How can you help at home?

What does this mean for us?

Keep moving forward!

Data collection and program evaluation

Adjusting as we go using student work as our guide

In class staff development

PSP, guidance from the state

PRIDE - This is OUR house! This is OUR community!