Boston Masscare

By: Brandon, Helle, and Conner

Our Question is: How did the Boston Masscare change america

We believe the Boston Massacre was to:

*Free us from Great Britain

*to give us freedom

*to show Britain they are no better than us

Fun Facts

*The Massacre was on King Street Boston, Massachusetts

*It was nick named the incident on King Street

* this event was in the time of 1770

the Boston massacre started 3-5-1770

what happened after the Boston massacre happened?

The Boston massacre led to the revolutionary war(witch we also won)

People were scared

Although 50 patriots fought back over 100 around them knew it was risky to join. They knew they might die or be hanged or executed so they closed curtains and hid so they wouldn't be any part of the incident.

Some Info

In the fight 17 soldiers with rifles with a knife at the end called a bayonet died on the side of the British trying to defend their country but couldn't

The big fight

The patriot mob was throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks at a British squad.

the Boston massacre started with about 20 guards and ended with 15

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When and how

Monday, March 5th 1770 at 3:15pm

Boston, MA, United States

Boston, MA

This event happend at 15:21(3:21)p.m.

The Big Idea

The Boston Massacre was a street fight that took place in Boston, Ma. It happened at 3:21 p.m. On May 5 1770. It was nicknamed The Incident On King St. 50 of the citizens, 17 soldiers, and a battle. The citizens Had to throw snow, ice, sticks, and rocks. This event helped lead to the revolutionary war witch got us our independence. This battle ended with 43 civil patriots and 6 British guards. Although 50 patriots were fighting over 100 were to scared to join the fight. They knew that their lives would have been at steak.

What did you learn?

*What state was the Boston Massacre in

*What did the "patriot" mob throw

*What day was it

*What year was it

*How many civilians and how many British were in it

That Is How The Boston Massacre Changed America

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Thank You!