The Quest

Volume 2 Issue 3

"The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.” -Erich Fromm

Math Updates and Reminders

As demonstrated in our last staff meeting, math problem solving lessons are designed to transfer into station tubs. Benefits of this include increased student understanding due to exposure and engagement in the lesson using the materials, and less planning on the teacher's part in preparing station tub activities--it's a win-win situation! Below are examples of some lesson posters alongside potential station tub activities. Lots of great conversations were taking place about differentiation and improving upon the stations shown!

A Vertical View

Knowing where our students are going provides great insight into the understanding of the magnitude of our purpose at ECS. Looking through the Kindergarten Process Standards and actually seeing the process our students in Kindergarten must work through when doing Exemplars reinforces the importance of building a solid foundation in number sequence, 1:1 correspondence, cardinality, and subitizing as well as teaching our students to be thinkers and problem solvers.

ELAR Updates and Reminders

Our curriculum writers spent a day developing model lessons for the Phonological Awareness component of the Pre-K Shared Reading Lesson Plan Cycle. The objectives for the day were:

  1. to deepen their understanding of the TX Pre-K phonological awareness standards
  2. to create mentor lessons that were aligned with and reflected the depth of each standard.

Before lessons were created, they went through the backwards planning process with each phonological awareness standard. Great conversations took place analyzing each standard and the associated student behaviors and teacher behaviors. All hands were on deck as Melissa, the curriculum writers, and our district ELAR coordinators (Jacye Jamar and Lorie Squalls) worked to support vertical curricular development and Frisco truly being recognized as a Pre-K through 12 district.

Thank you to curriculum writers Laine, Natalie, and Courtney--what a fantastic resource you worked to develop to use in planning!

Big image

III.B.4 Child combines syllables into words.

This is a sample of one of the model lessons that our curriculum writers created. Each model lesson includes:

  • Resources to build teacher background knowledge of the concept prior to planning and teaching lessons
  • ELL support
  • Additional lessons that can be incorporated into morning message, writing, learning centers, or other areas of the day.
  • Lessons to use during days 3-4 of the Shared Reading Lesson Plan Cycle with complete description of how to implement
  • References to resources and materials to be used with the lesson