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ARE Media Center News - May 2016

Junior Librarians

The Junior Librarians have been a HUGE help this year! To celebrate their hard work I will be inviting them all to the media center for a treat. Notes about this event will be sent home soon for Track 1 and in June for Tracks 2-4.

Pebble GO

We still have a few days left in our Pebble GO trial (it ends May 15th). If you have not looked at it yet now is the time! Go to www.pebblego.com and use the following information to log in:

username: tulips

password: may

If you have looked at Pebble GO (or better yet, had your students use it) please complete the survey below. This survey will help us decide if we should purchase a subscription or not.

Survey Link

Resource of the Month

Standards Search!

Thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Caswell, we now have the a new feature for Destiny! Destiny is the program we use in the Media Center to search for and check out books. Now when looking for resources to supplement your lessons you can use STANDARDS SEARCH!!! This feature allows you to find books that match the specific standard you are teaching. Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to use it. I plan on doing more in depth training in July. Enjoy!
Quick Overview of Destiny's Standards Search

Book Requests

If there is a specific title (or many titles) or a topic that you wish we had more books on please click the link below and fill out the form. I will also be adding this request form to my website and email signature for any future requests.

Book Request Form

Signing up for Media Times

You may sign up to bring your class to the media center at any time by clicking the links below. The same links are also in my signature whenever I send an email and on the media center website under Teachers and Media Center Sign Up.

Whole Class Book Circulation

Media Center Computers (17 desktops available)

Lessons w/ Ms. Stetson (please indicate in the notes section what you'd like help with)

Circulation Reminders

  • There is a new CHECK IN station in the media center! Please scan any books you are returning on the computer right above the "Bookie Monster" before putting them in the return slot.
  • In the morning all students MUST report to their class first and ask permission to visit the media center. Please have them bring a Library Pass with them so we know they have permission. If you need library passes, email me, and I'll put some in your mailbox.
  • All grades - If you have media scheduled for the day please have your students bring the books they want to return with them to class. We'll allow time for check in at the beginning of class and time for check out at the end of class.
  • Teachers, you may sign up for a time slot to bring your whole class to exchange books by visiting our website (http://aresmedia.weebly.com/media-center-sign-up.html), clicking on Circulation, and selecting a time.

Barcode Cards

Please have all students wear their barcode cards any time they come to the media center. This drastically improves check out times! :) If you have students who still need a card, email Ms. Sweeney and she'll order them for you.

Media Data

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