Cats body

Cats have 517 muscles in there body. Humans have 650 muscles in there body even though we have more muscles cats can do stuff that amazes us. Some cats can be born with extra toes or fingers that means more bones. Female cats can have three to six kittens at a time if you can take care of them really good they can live up to 12 to 20 years!

Cats History

Domestic cats belong to the same family as the jaguar, leopard, puma, and cheetah. No one knows how many domestic cats there are but people guessed 70 million as house cats. Egyptians used cats to keep mice and rats from eating all the Egyptians stored grain.


Some cats don't have tails. Cats purr when they are content. Cats are the most popular animals in the world. Cats should live indoors because outdoor cats could get sick or hurt. Cats don't need walks because they get all there exercise inside playing with toys and running around. Cats need lots of grooming especially if they have long fur. Their can be mixed breed cats. 37 species of cats have sometimes been used as symbols of beauty, grace, mystery, and power.


Cats should be fed twice a day you can feed them hard cat food or canned cat food. They should always have fresh water in there bowl. Some cats like milk but that can give them a tummy ach.

More Funfacts

Cats can weigh up to 6 to15 pounds (3 to 7 kilograms). Cats have whiskers and pointed ears they can have long or short fur. Cats have more bones then we do. Cats have about 244 bones and sometimes 250 or 230 we have about 206 bones.

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