The Sun

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Layers of the Sun

  • Core- In the core hydrogen is consumed by nuclear reactions to form helium. These reactions are what make the light from the sun and the temperature there is about 27,000,000 degrees F.
  • Radiation Zone- This is the zone where the nuclear fusion takes place and this area also produces all of the electromagnetic radiation which can be harmful.
  • Convection Zone- This is the outermost layer of the solar interior. It starts from a depth of 200,000 KM and goes to the visible surface. This layer traps so radiation which causes liquids in this zone to boil.
  • Photosphere- This is the deepest layer that we can see directly. The temperature in this layer is from 6700 to 11000 degrees F
  • Chromosphere- This layer is between 250 and 1300 miles above the surface of the sun. The temperature is between 6700 and 14000 degrees F
  • Corona- The outermost layer and the temperature is about 900,000 degrees F.