Mintz Elementary School Newsletter

April 2021

Important Dates & Events

April 1st - Final Session of ELP

April 2nd - No School for Students

April 5th - SAC meeting

April 6th - 7th FSA Reading; Grade 3

April 6th - FSA Writing; Grades 4 - 5

April 8th - Virtual Conference Night

April 19th - Report Cards Available Online

Early Release Mondays

Each Monday is an Early Release day. Your child is released at 12:55 PM. Parents, please set a reminder on your phone or smartwatch to remember these days--It's easy to get busy and forget.


April 5th

April 12th

April 19th

April 26th

May 3rd - Last Early Release Day of the School Year

News from Ms. Moltisanti

Happy April, families!

We are very excited to WELCOME BACK our eLearners for testing, which begins on April 6. It will be great to see some of our students who have been learning from home all year.

The entire Mintz family sends best wishes to Sharon Cooper, who retires from teaching on March 31! Mrs. Cooper has been a part of our faculty since our school opened in 1991 and has seen and taught countless Mintz Mariners. We wish you nothing but happiness in your retirement, Mrs. Cooper. Congratulations! 🎉 We want to welcome Kelly Collins, who will be teaching Music with us for the remainder of the school year.

Congratulations also goes out to Maria Nieves, our official Student Nutrition Services Manager! Ms. Nieves has been running our kitchen while also training in the district's manager training program. She has recently graduated and earned her promotion! We are very proud of her!

Masks are still a daily requirement at school. Please help your child to remember their mask every day. It is so important that we prevent the spread of COVID-19 at school, and masks are the best defense we have for doing that.

We have more and more families in the car line each morning right at the last minute before the bell. Our instructional day begins promptly at 7:40. The adults helping at car line have to be in class. Students coming in still have to get to the cafeteria and walk to class. We consistently observe that when students have some time to get settled in the morning, they have a more successful day at school. Please "Be Proactive" and get your child to school 5-10 minutes earlier.

Keeping Children First,

Debbie Moltisanti

Grade 3 Promotion

Parents of 3rd-grade students, please reach out to your child's teacher to ask questions about your child's performance on the portfolio items and other reading assessments your child has taken. These portfolio items will be important for making decisions for promotion/retention this spring.

Florida Statewide Assessment (FSA)

The FSA is scheduled for students in grades 3-5 in the months of April and May. All students will be required to come to Mintz to take the assessment. There is no virtual assessment option. Please record the dates below on your calendar.

April 6 - Grade 4 & 5 FSA Writing Assessment (1-day assessment)

April 6 - 7 - Grade 3 FSA Reading Assessment (2-day assessment)

May 3 - 4 Grades 4 & 5 FSA Reading Assessment (2-day assessment)

May 5 - 6 Grades 3 - 5 FSA Math Assessment (2-day assessment)

May 12 - 13 Grade 5 Statewide Science Assessment (2-day assessment)

Habit 6 - Synergize

At Mintz, our student leaders have opportunities to synergize each week. During this time of pandemic, while we have to keep apart, we can still find ways to work synergize. Ask your child what it means to synergize. Then, watch this video to learn a very simple definition of synergizing to accomplish a goal.

Next, please see the attached At Home Newsletter to find more ways to incorporate Habit 6: Synergize, into your life at home. Remember, together is better! We can get more accomplished when we work together.

Spanish copy:

ESOL - English Language Learners

April ELL Parent News

It’s incredible how quickly April is here, and the end of the school year is right around the corner! With important assessments coming up for students, it will be important for our English Language Learners to be able to keep their focus and momentum on learning and doing their best. Here are some parent tips to help keep our children engaged and motivated:


Teachers are always looking for ways to keep students busy and learning during this very important time of the year. Help them out by making an effort to get your child talking about that learning at home. Ask your child about what the day’s lessons included. As always, express your own interest in those topics because enthusiasm for learning is infectious.


The days may be getting longer but that’s not an excuse to disrupt the school year routine. Make a point of maintaining consistency in your child’s homework time, family mealtime, bedtime, wake-up time, and any other daily rituals you have. This will help keep your child in the mindset for school and improve his or her focus in the classroom.


Never underestimate the power of a small reward. Think about different incentives you can offer your child for displaying continued effort and achievement at school. Maybe it’s an extra hour of TV time if he or she finishes all of the night’s homework before dinnertime or maybe a special outing if he or she achieves a certain school goal. Big or small, a reward can make a difference in keeping your child engaged.

In addition, now that public libraries are opening back up, it is a great time to visit your local library and continue that learning momentum. There are librarians who can help you find books about topics that interest your child and are at the right reading level. Story times might be offered in person or virtually. Children love them, and you might enjoy listening with your child. There are also computers that you and your child can use for free.

Es increíble lo rápido que april está aquí, y el final del año escolar está a la vuelta de la esquina! Con evaluaciones importantes que se acercan para los estudiantes, será importante para nuestros estudiantes de inglés poder mantener su enfoque e impulso en aprender y dar lo mejor de sí mismos. Estos son algunos consejos para padres para ayudar a mantener a nuestros hijos comprometidos y motivados:


Los maestros siempre están buscando maneras de mantener a los estudiantes ocupados y aprendiendo durante esta época muy importante del año. Ayúdelos haciendo un esfuerzo para que su hijo hable sobre ese aprendizaje en casa. Pregúntele a su hijo acerca de las lecciones del día incluidas. Como siempre, expresa tu propio interés en esos temas porque el entusiasmo por el aprendizaje es contagioso.


Los días pueden estar cada vez más largos, pero eso no es una excusa para interrumpir la rutina del año escolar. Haga un punto de mantener la consistencia en el tiempo de la tarea de su hijo, la hora de la comida familiar, la hora de acostarse, el tiempo de despertar y cualquier otro ritual diario que tenga. Esto ayudará a mantener a su hijo en la mentalidad de la escuela y mejorar su enfoque en el salón de clases.


Nunca subestimes el poder de una pequeña recompensa. Piense en diferentes incentivos que puede ofrecer a su hijo por mostrar esfuerzo y logros continuos en la escuela. Tal vez sea una hora extra de tiempo de televisión si termina toda la tarea de la noche antes de la hora de la cena o tal vez una salida especial si logra una cierta meta escolar. Grande o pequeña, una recompensa puede marcar la diferencia en mantener a su hijo comprometido.

Además, ahora que las bibliotecas públicas están abriendo de nuevo, es un gran momento para visitar su biblioteca local y continuar ese impulso de aprendizaje. Hay bibliotecarios que pueden ayudarlo a encontrar libros sobre temas que interesan a su hijo y están en el nivel de lectura adecuado. Los tiempos de la historia pueden ofrecerse en persona o virtualmente. Los niños los aman, y usted podría disfrutar escuchando con su hijo. También hay computadoras que usted y su hijo pueden usar de forma gratuita.

Virtual Library & Library Media Catalog

Check out the thousands of available resources offered through Hillsborough County Public Schools Virtual Library. Don't miss out on all of the great stuff!

The Hillsborough County Public Library has many free online resources that your child may access –

Username: student number,

Password: 4321

National Library Month

April is National Library Month! The Library Lottery will be going on in the Mintz Media Center. Try something new and pick a ‘not so popular’ book, and you may win a prize. We will also be doing a drawing for 3 copies of the newest DOG MAN book: Dog Man Mothering Heights. Good luck to our readers!

Congratulations to SLAM Showcase Winners

Avery Jeannot, 4th grade student, took 1st place for digital book trailer project and Ciara Castillo took 1st place for 2D art project. These students, along with the other SLAM Showcase participants will be attending this year’s virtual SLAM –Student Literacy and Media Showcase event, on March 8th in the media center with Mrs. Howell. These 4th graders will have the opportunity to see art and digital projects from other Hillsborough County schools and meet Zetta Elliot, the author of Dragons in a Bag via Zoom. 4th grade VIP readers who are reading the SLAM books will continue to be invited to Mrs. Howell’s pop-up celebrations, so keep reading these award winning books!

TeachingBooks-Enriching our community's love of reading

Hillsborough County Schools have a subscription to TeachingBooks — a website that generates enthusiasm for books and reading in our community.

Find book trailers, movies with authors, audio performances, discussion questions, and more — all great ways to engage with books together!

Get started and freely use TeachingBooks:

Browse, Search, Discover, and Enjoy!

Author Visit for Third Grade

Coming up in May – an author visit for 3rd grade only! Watch for a flyer to come home soon!

News from PTA

The Mintz PTA misses our kids and wanted to do something special for them.

The PTA Board and teachers distributed over 850 books and Smencils to students on campus, as well as eLearners.

Please join our school community and help develop our PTA for next year by contacting one of the officers below. You will receive a Zoom link to our next meeting.

Heather Bogart, President:

Julia Stuart, Vice President:

Nikki Velez, Treasurer:

Shelley Simmons, Secretary:

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