Weekly Update

April 9, 2016

KCS Staff-

I cannot express how grateful I am to work with educators who get excited about learning new things. Friday morning's sessions were not only well done, but engaging and thought provoking. It was fun to see the level of excitement after the sessions were complete. Thank you for your openness and involvement in the sessions.


KPTO Classroom Funds

If you have not spent your $200 from KPTO, please do so. They would appreciate the requests sooner rather than later. If you are unsure how much money you have/have left, I will have a copy of the spreadsheet to give you a total. Thanks in advance.

MCA Schedule for this week

Monday - Reading 5B, MAC Lab 8:45

Tuesday - Reading 3B, MAC Lab 8:45

Wednesday - Reading 7, MAC Lab and Conference Room 7:45

Thursday - Math 5B, MAC Lab 8:45

Friday - Math 4B, MAC Lab 8:45

Please have your students bring pencils to Math tests. I will supply the scratch paper and mints.

Morning Announcements

It was brought to my attention that not all staff members were able to open the audio files that were sent out last week. I will try a new format and hopefully everyone will be able to hear them. If you cannot hear the announcements after Monday, please let me know.

Praises...and there are many

A big Thank You to the Academic Development Team for working together to create and schedule informative sessions for Friday's staff development. The sessions were carefully put together and were of value to the staff. Thank you for the great morning.

Thank you to all who presented on Friday. It takes extra effort and preparation, but was very worth it.

I received an email this week mentioning the extra time staff members put in to make sure our students have their needs met. Thank you, Belinda, for making sure colleagues get the credit and recognition they deserve.

Thank you, Julie Simmons, for continuing to assess the needs of the library and working hard to make it perfect for our students.

Thank you, Jill Severin and Erin Militello, for the work you have done to not only complete the yearbook for our students, but to include them in the process. Student ownership means a lot to them...and often means extra time to double check their work. Great job.

Thank you, Carrie Lynch, for the tireless effort you put in to make sure your students remain on track. Your work after school with students and the time you spend in your room on Sundays planning does not go unnoticed.

Thank you, Victoria Beckman, for the collaboration you have been doing with the 3rd grade classes. Your support is greatly appreciated.