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I'm a sci-fi fanatic and had already high hopes for this one, so was surprised when it transcended them. It becomes clear early on that this isn't a just another generic action movie looking to make a quick buck, but a film that GIVES A DAMN about itself, its story and atmosphere, its music, everything, and that is all too rare a thing these days. The imagery is iconic and leads to a number of the most beautiful scenes I've seen at the movies in ages.

Watch Oblivion Online Free

In addition to being a visual triumph, the story blossoms in jawdropping ways. I always try to avoid watching too many ads because they often give away too much, but the way this one unfolded caught me off guard again and again. Cruise does some of his best work ever and the rest of the cast(particularly Olga Kurylenko, who was wasted in the sub-par Quantum Of Solace) match him scene for scene. The beautiful, futuristic M83 score completes the picture.

If you're a fan of Moon, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, or video game-wise, Mass Effect, Fallout and believe it or not Bioshock, you'd be very well-advised to check this one out. Not because it's a generic sci-fi film, but because, like those titles, it's anything but.