A Different Disorder

By: Cody D. 5th period

''Live life to the fullest'' is what my pastor would say because you never know when it could end. There are up to 200 deaths each year from food allergies. Many kids that have this problem (including me) must be very careful. Food allergies can be a struggle, but research is getting us closer to a cure.

Some doctors have found out how to weaken the allergy over a period of time. What they do is give the patient a little dose of the proteins contained in the food(s) that person is allergic to. The dose gradually increases until finally, BAM, they can eat what would've before sent them to the emergency room.

Although that is one way to fight the allergen, other researchers say that there is no known cure (like a shot, pill, etc.) has been found yet. They think that the only way to prevent allergies is to strictly avoid them. Even the smallest amount of food can trigger a reaction.

There are some kids with allergies that still like to dress up and trick-or-treat, so they go to halloweencandybuyback.com and look at nearby participating dentists that will buy their candy. Most dentists buy it by the pound but some purchase it by the piece. Once they buy your candy and you get your money the dentists sends the candy and toothbrushes overseas to troops.

Another thing that kids do on Halloween is paint their pumpkins a teal color. This signifies that all the candy at that house is allergen free. This way kids with allergies can know that the house is safe for them to trick-or-treat at.

In the U.S there is only 8 different foods that are about 90% of the time the cause for allergic reactions. The foods are: milk, soy, wheat, eggs, shellfish, fish, tree nuts (examples are: walnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds and pistachios) and peanuts.

The cause of these allergies is a bacteria in your gut called clostridia. If there is not enough of it in your immune system, it can trigger reactions. Using probiotics can help slowly raise that level and rid the system of allergies.

I think that eventually food allergies are going have a cure and they will be eliminated. Some people can struggle with food allergies, but medical advancement is getting us closer to a cure.

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