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NCE Conference 2018



Join hundreds of career educators from across Nebraska and plan to attend the 2018 Nebraska Career Education Conference to be held Monday, June 4 through Thursday, June 7 at the Younes Conference Center, Kearney, Nebraska.


Monday: Opening Session, Career Field Workshops with All Career Field Networking Event

Tuesday: Keynote, Cross-Career Field focus with Community College Spotlights

Wednesday: Career Field Sessions and Professional Organization Events

Thursday: Keynote, Business and Industry Tours, and Career Field Sessions


NCE Conference Monday-Thursday: $350.00 (includes four lunches and materials)

(Late fee after May 15: $50.00)

Pre-service NCE teachers may be provided complimentary registrations (excluding professional organization meals and activities).

Registration opens April 15. More detailed information will be available March 1 on our website, www.nceconference.com.

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reVISION Grant Confirmation and NEXT STEPS (9 Schools)

To: ESU 9 Administrators - Adams Central, Blue Hill, Doniphan-Trumbull, Giltner, Harvard, Hampton, Kenesaw, Red Cloud, and Silver Lake

Purpose: reVISION Next Steps

(2) Important Requests: #1 Distribute survey to stakeholders, #2 Add to a reVISION contact list spreadsheet

Due date for survey feedback: April 27th

Due date for Initial Grant submission: May 1st

The intent of this email is to share with you the NEXT STEPS in applying for the reVISION Initial Grant with ESU 9. ESU 9 (Kraig Lofquist, Jackie Ediger, and Kristen Slechta) will be responsible for the writing and submission of this Initial Grant which supports the process of:

Working in collaboration with postsecondary education and regional workforce/economic development leaders, the reVISION process links career educators, school administrators, school counselors, industry professionals, and community leaders. Through this process, schools will have the opportunity to analyze and transform their current Career & Technical Education (CTE) system to improve their ability to educate a qualified workforce that meets employers’ needs. This will help ensure that high quality CTE programs are in place in all Nebraska schools, and that such programs are aligned with college and career readiness standards as well as the needs of employers, industry, and labor.

The details that are needed to complete the grant are provided below as well as in a survey that we ask you to distribute to the following stakeholders: Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents, and Business/Community Partners.

#1Please copy, paste this link, and distribute as soon as possible: https://goo.gl/KS5igA. The survey consists of two important questions:

Section 1: Goals and Needs - Describe the rationale for conducting reVISION in your district. What are the local priorities that align with those of reVISION and the Nebraska Department of Education?

Section 2: Commitment and Capacity - Briefly describe your district’s commitment and capacity to carry out all reVISION related activities as described on pages one and two of this application. Also comment on your district’s commitment and capacity to continue the work after the initial reVISION process has concluded and irrespective of future reVISION grant award funds.

#2 ESU 9 will submit the grant on Tuesday, May 1st. As soon as we here back from the Nebraska Department of Education, we will communicate with you! In order for us to communicate with consistency and efficiency, ESU 9 is creating a reVISION-specific listserv. Please use the following editable spreadsheet to help us build this list: https://goo.gl/bcHiom. Thank you!

See the potential!

Here's a video on ESU 2's website regarding their Pathways to Tomorrow (P2T) collaboration: https://www.esu2.org/vnews/display.v/SEC/P2T%7CAbout%20P2T

Perkins Advisory Committee Meeting

Who: Two representatives from all 12 school districts of the ESU 9 Perkins Consortium

When: April 30th @ 1:00

Option: Zoom or Video Conference will be available!

Rationale: WHY are we here?

  • Assessing current demographic data, labor market, population and career education program data.

  • Involving a career education advisory committee with diverse representation of parents, business leaders, students, special populations, and CTE and non-CTE instructors. (This advisory committee must conduct a least one meeting to advise on application of funds.)

  • Establishing goals and objectives aimed at meeting the needs of the students in career education programs.

  • Identifying career and technical education programs that can best meet established educational objectives through the use of Perkins IV funds.

  • Analyzing past performance on Perkins Performance Measurement Quality Indicators.

  • Allocating resources to achieve identified goals and objectives.

  • Evaluating results and making necessary revisions. This planning process should be used to provide guidance for the development of the five-year plan and annual application to focus the use of Perkins IV funds provided to each district, institution, and consortium.

Doodle Poll (Are you willing to attend?): https://doodle.com/poll/pvug2nc92q9yxe9t

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Nebraska Workforce Trends


Nebraska Workforce Trends is a monthly news magazine containing information about the Nebraska economy with feature articles spotlighting the uses of labor market information. Nebraska Workforce Trends is an online only publication.

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3 D Printing @ E S U 9

ESU 9 and the Perkins Consortium has a Mojo 3D printer!

QUESTIONS or to REQUEST TRANSPORT of the Mojo 3D printer to your school district (Perkins Consortium members only), contact Time Kalvelage (tim.kalvelage@esu9.us.)


The cost for printing a 3D project will vary based on which printer is used and the size of the project. For projects printed using the Mojo printer, the cost will be based on cubic inch

  • Filament: $2.00/cubic inch
  • Support Material: $3.50/cubic inch

Please submit this form to request 3D printing AND upload your STL files to http://tinyurl.com/ESU9-3DprintRequestFORM

Add your file to dropbox here: http://tinyurl.com/ESU9-3D-PrintRequest

NOTE: Project files must be saved as STL files.

Contact Janine Uden (janine.uden@esu9.us) or Kristen Slechta (kristen.slechta@esu9.us) for more information.

Tim Watters presents "3D Printing" @ ESU 9
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Career & Technical Education Teachers,

The goal of this flyer is to keep you up-to-date on the current workshops and/or opportunities for professional growth in our area. Please feel free to contact me with updates, concerns, questions, or suggestions @ kristen.slechta@esu9.us.

Bookmark this flyer address as it will automatically update as well as include past, present, and future opportunities for professional growth.


Interested in checking out the Perkins Consortium Electronic Infants, Cow Model, Pig Model, Stomach Ruminant, or Pig Uterus Model?

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3D Printing using Mojo Printer available at ESU9: VIDEO below

Free "Soft Skills" Poster!

Classroom poster: What Are Soft Skills?

What are soft skills? Why do they matter? We answer these questions and more in our new employability skills infographic >>

Use this infographic in your classroom to jumpstart important discussions and inspire your students.

Professional Development for CTE Teachers

Partnerships for Innovation is excited to support Jill Sand at Southeast Community College and her team of Nebraska community college peers for this professional development opportunity. There are 1 day and 4 day workshops available.

The one-day On Course Workshop (limited to 50 attendees) is a learner-centered professional development event designed to provide you with innovative strategies for empowering your students to become active, responsible and successful learners.These learner-centered strategies—representing best practices from innovators in higher education, business, psychology, sports and personal effectiveness—help students become full and active partners in their own education.

Strategies presented in this workshop improve both student academic success and retention.Join us for this major on-campus professional development event and learn proven methods for empowering your students to achieve their greatest potential in college…and beyond.
  • SCC - Lincoln - April 10
  • NECC - Norfolk - May 19
  • CCC - Grand Island - June 14
  • WNCC - Scottsbluff - August 16
  • Mid-Plains CC - North Platte - August 15
  • MCC - Forth Omaha - Fall 2017

The 4 day On Course workshop requires completion of the On Course Workshop I. In the
On Course II Workshop, you’ll not only add to your repertoire of student-empowerment strategies, you’ll also learn to design and deliver learner-centered educational experiences that help students move from superficial to deep learning.

These advanced design and facilitation skills are drawn from best practices in academic curriculum design, brain research, learning styles, active-learning principles, corporate training methodology, and personal development strategies. Strategies presented in this workshop improve both student academic success and retention.
  • SCC - Lincoln - April 11-14
  • CCC - Columbus - May 15-18
  • CCC - Grand Island - July 17-20
  • Mid-Plains CC - Ogallala - Oct. 10-13

For more information, contact Jill Sand at 402-437-2781 or jsand@southeast.edu

To register for the 1-day workshop: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2017PFIOnCourse1Day

To register for the 4-day workshop: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2017PFIOnCourse4Day

Making It Stick - Webinar Series

The Nebraska Department of Education is excited to announce the finalization of a turn-key professional learning experience designed to enhance instruction of English Language Arts (ELA) across all disciplines. The overall goal of this professional learning experience is to equip teachers with teaching strategies that support student mastery of the Nebraska ELA Standards across all disciplines at the secondary level.

The “Making it Stick” Webinar Series includes 13 pre-recorded webinars for teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, ESU staff and teacher educators. Three foundation webinars explore the concepts of instructional models, formative assessment, and monitoring and adjusting during instruction. Following the foundational webinars, ten strategy webinars provide instruction on a specific teaching strategy included in the ELA Standards Instructional Tool (http://bit.ly/NDEStandardsTool). All strategies are aligned with the Nebraska ELA Standards and were selected based on skills needed for success on the NeSA-ELA. Most importantly, implementation of these strategies can help students to apply literacy skills in authentic settings, better understand your content, and strengthen their communication skills in all areas. To supplement each webinar, a viewing guide is provided offering additional support and if desired, can be used to facilitate a PLC with your staff. The attached flyer includes additional information.

The Making It Stick Webinar Series is located at: https://sites.google.com/a/education.ne.gov/nde-standards-instructional-tool/ela/making-it-stick.

For more information, contact Katie Graham (katie.graham@nebraska.gov) or Dr. Marissa Payzant (marissa.payzant@nebraska.gov). (Note: This project is partially funded with ESEA Title IIA funds.)

Contact Kristen if you would like to earn 2 days of "qualified" professional development through this webinar series!

Cory Epler, Ph.D.

Chief Academic Officer

301 Centennial Mall South, PO Box 94987

Lincoln, NE 68509-4987

Phone: 402-471-3240

Industry Chats - NEPRIS

NEPRIS - Connecting Industry to Classsroom

We make it easy for teachers to virtually invite industry professionals into the classroom to bring real world relevance to curriculum topics, to help evaluate student projects and to engage and inspire students in STEAM!

NROC Webinar Series

Education professionals share their experience and knowledge on a wide variety of topics.

Professional Development Specialist

"Educating, Empowering & Inspiring Lifelong Learners"

It is the policy of the ESU 9 Perkins Consortium that when attending PD during the summer or non contract time, member schools are reimbursed $150 per day. When attending PD during the school year, member schools are reimbursed the specific schools district’s rate of pay per teacher, per day for substitutes. Mileage is also reimbursable. Please document the mode of travel: School Vehicle or Personal Vehicle.