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ESU#9 Area Schools: Professional Development

Career & Technical Education Teachers,

The goal of this flyer is to keep you up-to-date on the current workshops and/or opportunities for professional growth in our area. Please feel free to contact me with updates, concerns, questions, or suggestions @ kristen.slechta@esu9.us.

Bookmark this flyer address as it will automatically update as well as include past, present, and future opportunities for professional growth.


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Health Science - Opioid Kit

NHA releases new opioid toolkit

The Nebraska Hospital Association is proud to release the NHA Opioid Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to be a quick reference guide for providers and clinical staff.

This new toolkit addresses the following:

- Recommendations regarding appropriate prescribing to reduce the risk of addiction/abuse;

- Recommendations regarding screening and appropriate treatment for those who are already addicted;

- Tactics and methods to appropriately manage public expectations around opioid use.

The NHA Opioid Toolkit will be updated quarterly online and can be found on the NHA website.

Download your copy at:

NHA Opioid Toolkit

Developing Youth Talent Initiative

The Developing Youth Talent Initiative (DYTI) creates collaboration between Nebraska businesses and public schools. Connecting young Nebraskans in 7th and 8th grade to learning opportunities in the Manufacturing and IT industries can play an important role in their decision to build their careers in our state. Exposing this next generation of leaders to the advanced skills and knowledge required for occupations in these industries encourages an expanding workforce to help Grow Nebraska.

Intent of the Developing Youth Talent Initiative is to support an industry-defined approach to develop a youth talent pipeline for manufacturing and IT occupations. Grant recipients will partner with schools to engage students in participation of hands-on career exploration and relevant workplace-learning opportunities.

Application Criteria to be scored include demonstration of the following:

  • Impact on businesses, community and students
  • Program sustainability
  • Evidence of regional workforce needs and relationship of the proposed project to the need.
  • Clear goals and projected outcomes
  • Budget and project timeline
  • Evaluation plan (3rd party evaluator)
    • Must include pre and post assessment of student interest in and knowledge of occupations within manufacturing and IT fields.
  • Potential evaluators for consideration:

DYTI may grant up to $250,000 with minimum award to two projects.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must be a Nebraska business, or consortium of businesses, operating in a Manufacturing or IT industry (or industry with high number of IT occupations) working in partnership with a local school.

Important Deadlines

Electronic applications for the 2019-2020 DYTI grant cycle are due to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) by NOON, April 15th, 2019. Send to Bradley.pierce@nebraska.gov

For more information, please review the DYTI frequently asked questions and application guidelines or contact Bradley Pierce, bradley.pierce@nebraska.gov or 402-840-0831.

Lear More about "Mapping Your Success:"


Perkins Grant Information - $500 Purchases

TO: Schools Leaders, CTE staff, and Guidance Counselors

CONTEXT: ESU 9 Perkins Grant Consortium

CONTENT: Updates on $500 purchases (March 15th deadline) and the CTE/Perkins Advisory Committee

The following email is organized as bulleted QUESTIONS and ANSWERS. Please read carefully those that matter the most to you.

Q: Is there a one-stop shop for all resources and forms for the Perkins Consortium?

A: http://esu9cte.weebly.com/

Q: How do I know if I am eligible for a $500 purchase?

A: There is a list below. Also, click here and bookmark for future reference.

Q: What if I am not eligible yet with less than 3 qualified professional development days?

A: Professional development OPTIONS: https://www.smore.com/1ra4d

CTE Cadre Day/Industry Tour: https://www.smore.com/7pd0f

Mapping Your Success” - March 6th

Q: Who has submitted a $500 purchase request thus far?

A: SCUD#5 - Mattison Sullivan (Status: Waiting for a confirmation on “allowable” from NDE)

SCUD#5 - Jacob Goldfuss (Status: Waiting for a confirmation on “allowable” from NDE)

Silver Lake - Andrea Curlo (Status: Waiting for a confirmation on “allowable” from NDE)

Q: How do I go about making a request and informing Kristen for approval?

A: Click here to request and inform. You and Kristen will receive a Google Doc with your answers to questions and pertinent details. Once approved, your school district generates the purchase order. Kristen needs a copy of that order or a receipt for the approved purchase(s). Then, ESU 9 reimburses the district. Kristen will communicate vis email once the form has been submitted.

Q: Purchase requests MUST be submitted and approved by March 15th. Why is that?

A: In order for the CTE/Perkins Advisory Committee to make decisions on the use consortium funds, we need an accurate account of our budget. This will determine the amount for the stipend offered for those attending the NCE conference 2019.

Q: How do I know what qualifies as an “approved” purchase?

A: Allowable & Non Allowable Use of Funds - Click Here (NDE Website)

Must be industry grade equipment. No furniture. No consumables. Purchase(s) must enhance and modernize your course(s).

Q: How do I become a participant at the CTE/Perkins Advisory Committee? May I invite others?

A: The following is a letter that Kristen is sending out to all consortium districts. The date is March 26th from 8:30 - 11:00. Please pass along to others: students and stakeholders. There are three options for participation. One being the completion of a survey.


"Just graduated from college and looking for a state to start your career? Or currently working in a job that is unfulfilling and want to jumpstart something new? There are many jobs available, but maybe not in your state.

This time, Zippia is looking at the top 10 best states for jobs so you can know where to start your search.

You may think that the best place for jobs is in the larger states, like New York, California, or Texas, but that isn't necessarily true. In large states, there are many jobs, but there is also a lot of job competition.

And while a job is great, a job that makes a lot of money compared to the cost of living is even better.

So where can you find jobs easily and make a good income?

Here's a quick glance at our top 10 best states for jobs that will give you that amazing job whose salary gives you a massive bang for your buck:"


Did You KNOW?

Hastings College will be offering a three credit course in July 2019 called "Workplace Learning." This is an opportunity for K-12 educators interested in learning more about job shadowing, job placement, labor laws, H3 careers, and building career units for the classroom. The course is taught by Darci Karr. More details to come!

New Perkins Grant Policy:

It is the policy of the ESU 9 Perkins Consortium that when attending professional development during non contract time, member schools are reimbursed $150 per day. This is limited to a total of three days per CTE teacher/counselor per grant year. Based upon the budget in March, an increased amount may apply to the NCE conference stipend specifically.

When attending professional development during contract time, member schools are reimbursed the specific school district’s rate of pay per teacher, per day for substitutes. Mileage is also reimbursable. Please document the mode of travel: School Vehicle or Personal Vehicle. This is limited to a total of three days per CTE teacher/counselor per grant year.

By attending three days of “qualifying” professional development, CTE teachers and guidance counselors become eligible to submit a purchase reimbursement request in the amount of $500. The request must meet criteria for equipment, instructional materials, and technology used for the advancement of career education.

For each grant year, qualified PD will be documented and accounted for by the grant manager here: bit.ly/perkinseligibility. Only 3 days will roll over or have rolled over for the next grant year, if not used to make a $500 purchase.

This update is based upon the decision of the ESU 9 Perkins Consortium Advisory Committee, April 30th, 2018. For notes and a detailed report, visit: http://bit.ly/advisoryesu9

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Interested in our 3D printer or starting your own adventure?

Nebraska Agricultural Education - Professional Development Opportunities

Nebraska Career Clusters Videos

The final set of Nebraska Career Clusters videos is now live at www.necareertours.com. The curriculum writer has sent initial drafts of the Teacher Discussion Guides and Student View Guides for 3 of the 5 new clustersThe new videos are for:

  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security – Rembolt Ludtke, Nebraska Army National Guard, Midwest Medical Transport
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (new videos shot to replace first round videos) – CVA, HDR, and Omaha Steaks
  • Government and Public Administration – Americorps, Phelps County, Southeast Nebraska Development District
  • Energy and Engineering – Olsson Associates, NPPD, Strobel Energy
  • Manufacturing – Added Royal Composites

Good way to get funding for professional development that your school district can’t totally cover!


External PD Funding Applications for 2019 are now available! Click here for more information!

If you’re involved in career education—as a teacher, faculty member or administrator—you should get involved in Partnerships for Innovation (PFI).

  • Innovative curriculum for career education.
  • Incredible online teaching resources.
  • Unmatched professional development opportunities.
  • Data and reports that enhance your decision making.
  • Alignment of skill assessments and career readiness standards.

Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) is all this—and much more. PFI is unique to Nebraska—a powerful coalition of secondary and post-secondary institutions focused on providing valuable career information, improving the quality and consistency of career education and enhancing the career learning environment in Nebraska schools.

Discover more about PFI. And bring even greater innovation into your career education programs.

See the potential!

Here's a video on ESU 2's website regarding their Pathways to Tomorrow (P2T) collaboration: https://www.esu2.org/vnews/display.v/SEC/P2T%7CAbout%20P2T
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Nebraska Workforce Trends


Nebraska Workforce Trends is a monthly news magazine containing information about the Nebraska economy with feature articles spotlighting the uses of labor market information. Nebraska Workforce Trends is an online only publication.

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3 D Printing @ E S U 9

ESU 9 and the Perkins Consortium has a Mojo 3D printer!

QUESTIONS or to REQUEST TRANSPORT of the Mojo 3D printer to your school district (Perkins Consortium members only), contact Time Kalvelage (tim.kalvelage@esu9.us.)


The cost for printing a 3D project will vary based on which printer is used and the size of the project. For projects printed using the Mojo printer, the cost will be based on cubic inch

  • Filament: $2.00/cubic inch
  • Support Material: $3.50/cubic inch

Please submit this form to request 3D printing AND upload your STL files to http://tinyurl.com/ESU9-3DprintRequestFORM

Add your file to dropbox here: http://tinyurl.com/ESU9-3D-PrintRequest

NOTE: Project files must be saved as STL files.

Contact Janine Uden (janine.uden@esu9.us) or Kristen Slechta (kristen.slechta@esu9.us) for more information.

Instruction Manual for Mojo Printer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ZAhWqzKTLO6SgHWXqCca1HOVIGHGF7k/view?usp=sharing

Wavewash 55 3D Printer Support Material Washing System - Stratasys

Tim Watters presents "3D Printing" @ ESU 9

Interested in checking out the Perkins Consortium Electronic Infants, Cow Model, Pig Model, Stomach Ruminant, or Pig Uterus Model?

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3D Printing using Mojo Printer available at ESU9: VIDEO below

Making It Stick - Webinar Series

The Nebraska Department of Education is excited to announce the finalization of a turn-key professional learning experience designed to enhance instruction of English Language Arts (ELA) across all disciplines. The overall goal of this professional learning experience is to equip teachers with teaching strategies that support student mastery of the Nebraska ELA Standards across all disciplines at the secondary level.

The “Making it Stick” Webinar Series includes 13 pre-recorded webinars for teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, ESU staff and teacher educators. Three foundation webinars explore the concepts of instructional models, formative assessment, and monitoring and adjusting during instruction. Following the foundational webinars, ten strategy webinars provide instruction on a specific teaching strategy included in the ELA Standards Instructional Tool (http://bit.ly/NDEStandardsTool). All strategies are aligned with the Nebraska ELA Standards and were selected based on skills needed for success on the NeSA-ELA. Most importantly, implementation of these strategies can help students to apply literacy skills in authentic settings, better understand your content, and strengthen their communication skills in all areas. To supplement each webinar, a viewing guide is provided offering additional support and if desired, can be used to facilitate a PLC with your staff. The attached flyer includes additional information.

The Making It Stick Webinar Series is located at: https://sites.google.com/a/education.ne.gov/nde-standards-instructional-tool/ela/making-it-stick.

For more information, contact Katie Graham (katie.graham@nebraska.gov) or Dr. Marissa Payzant (marissa.payzant@nebraska.gov). (Note: This project is partially funded with ESEA Title IIA funds.)

Contact Kristen if you would like to earn 2 days of "qualified" professional development through this webinar series!

Cory Epler, Ph.D.

Chief Academic Officer

301 Centennial Mall South, PO Box 94987

Lincoln, NE 68509-4987

Phone: 402-471-3240

Industry Chats - NEPRIS

NEPRIS - Connecting Industry to Classsroom

We make it easy for teachers to virtually invite industry professionals into the classroom to bring real world relevance to curriculum topics, to help evaluate student projects and to engage and inspire students in STEAM!

NROC Webinar Series

Education professionals share their experience and knowledge on a wide variety of topics.

Professional Development Specialist

"Educating, Empowering & Inspiring Lifelong Learners"

It is the policy of the ESU 9 Perkins Consortium that when attending PD during the summer or non contract time, member schools are reimbursed $150 per day. When attending PD during the school year, member schools are reimbursed the specific schools district’s rate of pay per teacher, per day for substitutes. Mileage is also reimbursable. Please document the mode of travel: School Vehicle or Personal Vehicle.