ESU 9 Perkins V Consortium Newsletter

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Career & Technical Education Teachers,

The goal of this flyer is to keep you up-to-date on the current workshops and/or opportunities for professional growth in our area. Please feel free to contact me with updates, concerns, questions, or suggestions @ kristen.slechta@esu9.us.

Bookmark this flyer address as it will automatically update as well as include past, present, and future opportunities for professional growth.


Health Science Educator Summer Workshop

The Health Science Educator Summer Workshop will take place on July 20-21, 2022 at Firespring in Lincoln, Nebraska. If you teach at least one health science class and have 3+ years of teaching experience, please consider joining us for this opportunity to network with colleagues, enhance what you are doing in the classroom, and help further health science education in Nebraska. Stipends of $200 are available for those traveling less than 60 miles and $400 for those traveling more than 60 miles to attend.

Participants who complete the Health Science Educator Summer Workshop are eligible to apply to receive funding to attend the National Health Science Conference in Charleston, South Carolina from October 26-28, 2022.

Please register by June 28, 2022. Registration is limited to 10 participants. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSflLErnc1SpaTfDIe30lnNYQtf7WoS9Bq7FtW4C1NMIWtsNjQ/viewform?usp=sf_link


Jamelyn Foster

Health Sciences Career Field Specialist

HOSA State Advisor

Office of Career & Adult Education

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CTE Beginning Teacher Institute 2022 - Register TODAY!

The Office of Career & Technical Education’s Beginning Teacher Institute (BTI) will take place in person over three days at The Career Academy in Lincoln, Nebraska. BTI is for teachers in their first-third year of Career and Technical Education instruction and is designed to improve teachers’ instruction and classroom management while they network with others in the CTE community. Participants will have the opportunity to visit with the NDE career field specialist in their discipline.

The core purposes and objectives of the 2022 BTI are:

  1. Explore and define your CTE Program. Learn how to articulate the vision, teaching belief, and philosophy to students, parents, other CTE teachers, administration and stakeholders.

  2. Learn how to facilitate inclusive classroom and laboratory experiences which demonstrate best practices for student engagement.

  3. Network and connect with other new CTE teachers and CTE leaders from across Nebraska!

Date: July 25-27, 2022

Location: The Career Academy in Lincoln, NE

Cost: Free to attend

Stipend: Upon selection, teachers will receive a stipend to help offset travel expenses. Teachers must fully participate in the sessions.

Application: https://forms.gle/3AFEegvNk1Zi5vFG7

The Beginning Teacher Institute is a special project of Nebraska Career and Technical Education, division of Nebraska Department of Education. Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 11:59 pm, and the Institute is limited to 30 participants. Following registration, BTI participants will receive communication with further details and a contract for a stipend to assist with expenses incurred.

We are excited to offer this opportunity for CTE teachers, and we look forward to our time together.

Please contact me with any questions!

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Check out some resources regarding Work-Based Learning:

💡 Guidelines for implementing The Nebraska Workplace Experiences Continuum In Three Phases | LINK

💡 Work-Based Learning LIVE Binder - Curated by Cynthia L. Miller, Ph.D. | LINK

Access = WBLearning

💡 EB CPT Work-Based Learning Continuum Learning Outcomes | LINK

💡 Career Awareness & Exploration - Work-Based Learning Opportunities | LINK

If you would like viewing access to Kristen's WBL Google Folder, just email her at kristen.slechta@esu9.us.

Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education: Summer Professional Learning opportunities for Educators

Nebraska Career Education Conference

June 6-9, Kearney, Nebraska

The NCE Conference is a professional learning opportunity featuring national and state CTE leaders. The focus of the conference will be to address current and ongoing themes related to CTE instruction and Nebraska workforce needs. We are excited to have the Nebraska Economic Development Director, Tony Goins and Dr. Kevin Fleming join us as our featured Keynote speakers this year. Registration opens on April 15th. A conference agenda will be available then as well. https://nceconference.com/

Technical Skills Workshops

June-July 2022, Nebraska Community Colleges

These summer workshops give Nebraska CTE educators in the Skilled and Technical Sciences and Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources career fields a chance to enhance their technical skills to remain relevant to Nebraska workforce needs.

JumpStart Teacher Training,

NCE Conference and July 18-21, Lincoln, NE

JumpStart is a professional development workshop for those teaching CTE courses under the Career Education Teaching Permit or an educator involved in the transitional certification program.

CTE Beginning Teacher Institute

July 25-28, Lincoln, NE

CTE teachers who have taught 1-3 years will have an opportunity to participate in a professional learning cohort that includes advocacy training for CTE programs, working with students in special populations, lab and classroom management, and a lesson plan review and evaluation with their peers.

Digital Learning news

The Nebraska Department of Education is happy to announce that Christina (Chris) Struebing has been hired as the State E-rate Coordinator and Infrastructure Specialist. Her first day of work was Monday, March 28. Chris comes to NDE after working in support of E-rate for several years at ESU 10 in Kearney. You can reach Chris at christina.struebing@nebraska.gov.

22 Purchase Requests were submitted!

On March 25th, our consortium's CTE Leadership Team met to prioritize approvals based upon our local application, economic data, and Perkins V priorities!

Our agenda was as follows:

WHY: Members of the consortium will jointly determine the method for identifying consortium activities and funding priorities based on each participating member’s reVISION process, recommendations from any local or regional advisory committee, and funds available. Members of the consortium must reach a consensus upon the mutually-beneficial programs and purposes that Perkins funds will support. Members will describe the purposes and programs, aligned with the outcomes of the reVISION process, in the local Perkins application.

RESULT: Approved and allowable purchases will be confirmed via email!

On March 25th, the Leadership Team which consisted of representatives from Blue Hill, Doniphan-Trumbull, Kenesaw, Red Cloud, SCNUSD#5, Silver Lake, Superior, and Sutton reviewed 22 purchase requests and approved 14 of them totaling $28,423.93. A specific email will be sent to all individuals who submitted explaining the details of the approval or the reason(s) why a request was not approved.
Purchases include the following in particular order:
Canine Vet Trainer
Welding Helmets - Auto-darkening
Sand Blasting Cabinet & Filter Vac
Adobe Creative Cloud Licenses
SWIT Curve500 Turn Key Bundles
DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo - Drone
Industrial Grade Heat Press
Industrial Grade Mixers
Kuvings CS600 Commercial Juicer
Adaptive Cutting System
Circular Saw Kit
Drill Press & Bandsaw
Grizzly HP Planer
Evolution EVOSAW380: Metal Cutting Chop Saw
Glowforge Laser Engrave

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reVISION Action Grant UPDATE:

We are happy to announce that the reVISION Action Grant application is now open!

The purpose of this highly competitive grant is to improve, modernize, and expand career and technical education (CTE) programs to align with Nebraska’s economic priorities and workforce demands. The reVISION Action grant program provides Perkins funds for eligible secondary and postsecondary recipients to help implement the reVISION action steps developed and identified throughout the reVISION local and regional CTE assessments.

For full details, application guidelines, application template, and recommended resources, please visit the reVISION Action Grant web page. Please download and carefully read the 2021-2022 reVISION Action Grant Guidelines (link is on the website).

If you need assistance with further questions, the application, or uploading a finished proposal, please contact: Therese.Marzouk@Nebraska.Gov.

reVISION Action Grant 2021-2022

Grant Timeframe*

  • March 8, 2021: Application Available
  • May 3, 2021: Applications Due by 5:00pm CST
  • July 1, 2021: Preliminary Award Announcements
  • August 6, 2021 – June 30, 2022: Grant Award Period

*Dates are subject to change.

Prior to Applying:

Application Submission Site:

Calling All Data Stewards!

Reach out if you have questions or concerns to max.reiner@nebraska.gov.
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School Based Enterprises Showcase: SCNUSD#5

Raiders Design Co.

Website link: CLICK HERE

Mrs. Trausch - raidersdesignco@southcentralusd.us

Lawrence/Nelson MS & HS

850 S Nevada Nelson NE 68961


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In response to the strategic priorities outlined in Nebraska’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) Perkins V State Plan, Nebraska business and industry leaders and postsecondary educators were engaged to inform and recommend any needed updates or revisions to the existing State Model Programs of Study. These updates ensure alignment of CTE programs and coursework with the needs of Nebraska’s evolving workforce. These recommendations were taken under consideration as Nebraska educators met to update and revise State Model Programs of Study. This work occurred between December 2020 - December 2021.

The updated State Model Programs of Study, including course-based standards, can be found on the program of study webpage or by clicking on one of the career field areas below:

Additional resources are forthcoming, including instructional supports and guidance for implementation. To allow adequate time for schools to update courses, these updated Programs of Study will be implemented in the 2023-2024 school year.

If you have questions about the standards or implementation support, please contact Dr. Katie Graham, Administrator for the NDE’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (katie.graham@nebraska.gov), Sydney Kobza, Assistant State CTE Director (sydney.kobza@nebraska.gov), or the related Career Field Specialist listed on the CTE program of study webpage.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Act Guidance document

Major points from this document:

  • Current sophomores will be required to have the 1/2 credit of financial literacy/personal finance for their 2023-2024 graduation.
  • The high school graduation requirement is for all public and non-public schools.
  • Each school district has the ultimate and final decision making power to determine which course(s) satisfy the requirement. So in theory, the course(s) can be taught by a business, social studies, math, FCS, or any other teacher who is endorsed to teach the district approved financial literacy/personal finance course.

Contact Ebony McKiver with questions!

Ebony McKiver

Social Studies Education Specialist

500 South 84th Street, 2nd Floor

Lincoln, NE 68510-2611

P: (531) 207-9043

E: ebony.mckiver@nebraska.gov

All consortium districts will complete a reVISION reFRESH, due by March 15th!

Visit https://www.education.ne.gov/nce/revision/ for more information. Be sure to reach out to kristen.slechta@esu9.us if you have any questions.
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21 Communication Skills by Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4u)

NEW: Project Discovery Kits for CHECK OUT:

Project Discovery Kits (that could be used with all students) are purchased with state Special Education funds that CTE teachers can access in our region. Interested in learning more, register for the ESU 9, 10, & 11 CTE Collaboration Day in Kearney on January 18th. Kits will be showcased and more information provided regarding their potential use in the CTE classroom.

Interested in $$$ for a Greenhouse?

Good morning. I apologize for the delay in getting this information to you. Below are some resources to consider when building a greenhouse. I wanted to provide a few options that I would encourage you to check into.

Farm Credit Services of America has some amazing grants - $2,000 which are awarded quarterly (every quarter, there is a new chance to apply) and $10,000 awarded semiannually. The $10,000 one requires matching funds.


NE FFA Foundation Grant program will open up again in April. Up to $10,000 and requires matching funds.

https://neffafoundation.org/news_events/news.html/article/2021/09/14/nearly-80-000-awarded-in-nebraska-ffa-foundation-grant-program. You will be eligible for this once you have an established FFA Chapter.

NIFA Governor’s Ag Excellence Award ($1,000 and $2,500 awards yearly – applications due each Sept 30.


Center for Rural Affairs - Great information on how to make greenhouses work and potential for funding. https://www.cfra.org/greenhouse-cafeteria

The NRD doesn’t advertise funding though they have been known to provide funding for greenhouses. I would encourage you to check with them.

Bayer America’s Farmers Grow Communities program provides $5,000 per school through a nomination process with a farmer in your community. If you have a farmer that you work with in your area who is over 21 years of age and actively farms 250 acres or more, you would be eligible for consideration. In order to enroll, follow this link https://www.americasfarmers.com/enroll-now. Giving this information to some of your producers that are supports will empower them to make it happen. It is very much farmer driven.

I hope these provide some good starting points! Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Stacie Turnbull, Ph.D.

Career Field Specialist, State Director

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Office of Career, Technical, & Adult Education

500 S 84th St., 2nd Floor

Lincoln NE, 68510-2611

P: (402) 310-8344

E: stacie.turnbull@nebraska.gov

Work-Based Learning Landscape Analysis

As part of Nebraska CTE’s continued efforts to promote and support high-quality, aligned WBL programs across the state, the Nebraska Department of Education contracted with TNTP to conduct the Nebraska Work-Based Learning Landscape Analysis, which highlights our state’s strengths and potential best practices relative to WBL policy and implementation. TNTP’s process included surveys and focus groups, gathering responses from school administrators, teachers, students, and business and industry leaders across the state. Many of you participated and we greatly appreciate it!

“In many ways, the Nebraska Career Education Model positions the state as a national leader in WBL. Stakeholders from around the state offered a vision to build on this successful foundation in order to enhance WBL for all Nebraska students. “

- TNTP, 2021

Here is a sampling of the insights gleaned from the Nebraska Work-Based Learning Landscape Analysis:

  • Educators felt that WBL prepares students for employment overall (94%), and more specifically teaches them how to get along with others (90%), solve problems and make effective decisions (90%), and communicate effectively (89%). They also agreed that WBL prepares students to make the career choice that is right for them (93%).
  • 56% of educators said their school has a person or organization who coordinates with local employers to create WBL opportunities and of those, 90% said they have at least one WBL opportunity in a class they teach.
  • Education/Training Field Experiences and Internships were the most common offerings identified by both educators and students.

Students’ top 3 reasons for not participating in WBL:

  • They don’t know how to get involved in WBL (42%)
  • Teachers haven’t recommended WBL to them (38%)
  • They have other responsibilities that prevent them from participating in WBL (36%)
Click here for more information on starting or growing your WBL program.

If you have questions or require further assistance, please contact:
Therese Marzouk therese.marzouk@nebraska.gov

Farm Credit Services of America - Grant $


We provide grants for projects and organizations that make a positive impact in Iowa, Nebraska,
South Dakota and Wyoming. Funding options include up to $2,000 and up to $10,000 grants,
which are awarded quarterly and semiannually respectively.

Focus Areas

Ag Education

Young and Beginning Producers

Hunger and Nutrition

Rural Disaster Relief and Essential Services

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Registration is limited to 60 students per camp, so don’t delay.

Camp dates for 9-12th Grade Students: November 3, February 2, March 23 and April 6
Camp dates for 7-8th Grade Students: October 28, March 8 and April 12

Will you help us? Encourage students to attend one of our camps at the University of Nebraska at Kearney that runs from 9:30 am - 1:30 pm. Students will learn about health sciences, professions in healthcare, UNK scholarships, and other opportunities. Campus tours are optional, and there is no cost to attend these camps.

See our flyer and post in your school. It’s a great way for students to explore a healthcare profession. Students are encouraged to come with their school or health science club. Feel free to forward this email to science teachers or other counselors in middle schools and high schools.


Nebraska HOSA & Nebraska FCCLA are excited to open registration for the Mind Bending Careers Conference to be held both in-person and virtually on Tuesday, November 9, 2021! The in-person conference will be held at the Nebraskan Student Union at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

We’re once again excited to partner with the Behavioral Health Education Centers of Nebraska (BHECN) to offer this experience for 125 juniors & seniors interested in Mental and Behavioral Health Careers. You can check out the Schedule at a Glance here!

Due to the generous support from BHECN, the virtual participation option is available for HOSA and FCCLA chapters unable to attend in-person along with Health Sciences and/or Family & Consumer Sciences programs that do not have HOSA or FCCLA chapters.


Cost: $10/participant (lunch included)

HOSA or FCCLA Members only

*Masks will be required for the in-person event.


Cost: $50/school (unlimited participation)

HOSA or FCCLA Chapters

Health Sciences or FCS Programs

Nebraska HOSA Business Casual/Nebraska FCCLA dress code is required for this event.

To register, please complete the Mind Bending Careers Registration Form. Registration will be open until Wednesday, November 3 at 5pm CDT.

If you are attending the in-person conference, there are rooms available on Monday, November 8 at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Kearney for $104.95/night. The block will expire on Friday, October 15, but the reduced rate will be honored as long as there are rooms available. To make a reservation, you can call the Fairfield Inn & Suites directly at (308) 236-4200.

Reach out if you have any additional questions! We’re excited to offer this event for you!

Rachel Buss

Nebraska HOSA State Adviser


(402) 416-7596

Jami Foster

Nebraska HOSA State Adviser

Health Sciences Career Field Specialist


(531) 229-3156

Chelsey Greene

Nebraska FCCLA State Adviser

Human Sciences & Education Career Field Specialist


(531) 207-3104

Interested in Thrively: Every Child Deserves to Thrive

Unlock Each Child's Potential:

Help each child reach their full potential by doing the things that matter to them. Develop their strengths and interests at home and school. Utilize Thrively’s full complement of assessments to better support the growth of every student with rich knowledge around their strengths, learning styles, and habits of mind. Try it out for yourself!

Thrively Genesis

NEW Find Your Grind Plaform:

So What's New?

Since 2017 Find Your Grind has been on a mission to positively impact the next generation of students by empowering them to discover who they are and who they want to become. Our mission and events have impacted over 5 million students.

However, we knew we could provide a greater impact. Over the last year, Find Your Grind has been building the most powerful and effective learning program for self-discovery and career readiness.

Our Launch is finally here!

In order to better share our new platform and the features that will support our educators and learners, we have also launched a new website.

Visit our website link below to explore all the new incredible features we
have developed.


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Mary Lanning Healthcare - Career Exploration Opportunities

Whew, school is back in session! It's time to get our young minds thinking about future and/or current occupations. The Mary Lanning Education Department began a Facebook page this past year to showcase the vast amount of careers in healthcare. We are simply not just nurses and doctors, and even within just those two careers there is an array of avenues to make a difference in patients lives. Did you know we hire RN's to work in our computer department? We need to know the daily tasks and hardships of nurses so that the computers function efficiently. We hire staff with GED's all the way up to years of medical school and everything in between. We want this page to be used to influence your students to explore careers that can help future healthcare needs whether that is in finance, security, or direct patient care. We hope you check it out. Attached is our QR code and profile picture.

We would appreciate it if you would like our page and use it as a resource for career exploration. We try to add a new career twice a month. We also use this page to highlight events and classes we offer within our department.

Wishing you all the best this school year!

Stay healthy and safe!

Training and Development Specialist | Educational Services

Gallup--Certified Strengths Coach

Relator | Strategic | Woo | Communication | Individualization

Achiever | Belief | Developer | Arranger | Positivity

715 North St. Joseph Avenue
Hastings, NE 68901
O: 402/461-5299
F: 402/461-5059

NEW Health Sciences Career Field Specialist:

Hello everyone!

I am the new Health Sciences Career Field Specialist at the Nebraska Department of Education in Lincoln. Formerly, I was a middle and high school science teacher and HOSA advisor at Cedar Bluffs Public Schools. My hometown is Broken Bow, Nebraska, and I attended the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, earning a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife and a M.A. with an emphasis in science teaching.

I am very excited to begin working at the Department of Education and to start meeting those of you who have active health science programs and those of you building or just getting started with health science programs. Currently, 54 of Nebraska's 244 school districts have a health science program. We have room for growth in our state! I am also excited to also serve as the HOSA State Advisor along with Rachel Buss to coordinate HOSA events and opportunities.

This summer, a team will begin the process of revising the Nebraska Health Science Career Field Standards. The standards were last revised in 2014. This fall, the first draft of the standards will be open to public input. I will send you an update when the draft is available.

Hope you are enjoying your summer! Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions you may have.



Jamelyn Foster

Health Sciences Career Field Specialist

HOSA State Advisor

Office of Career & Adult Education

500 S. 84th St., 2nd Floor

Lincoln NE, 68510-2611

P: (531) 229-3156

E: jamelyn.foster@nebraska.gov

Health Science: Medical terminology Games

4 Engaging Medical Terminology Games to Boost Student Motivation


When teaching difficult concepts such as medical terminology, health science teachers can feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You want your students to engage with and memorize important material, but you might be uncertain about how to keep your students focused and energized. Worse still, you fear that your students may be bored and unable to master vocabulary that will be a part of assessments and certification exams.

We've seen thousands of teachers like you struggle to keep students engaged, which is one of the reasons we created our HealthCenter21 digital curriculum system. HealthCenter21 helps teachers save time while keeping learners focused in an engaging way. But sometimes you are looking for supplemental games and activities to boost your existing medical terminology lesson plans.

Site: https://www.aeseducation.com/blog/engaging-medical-terminology-games?utm_medium=email&_hsmi=143770545&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-98Tc7B7d9C5N6uiYlmO_fnBbjvPawfRkQmf8junQqZYt5rj5fvRaDoNNzA3CzrrGpzFxVGMbYx3iCKFxn1LzCLqBYTPg&utm_content=143770545&utm_source=hs_email

Work-Based Learning Course Completion - Who's Next?

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Earn a stipend of $25 per hour of your non-contract time!

Launch WBL, available in Canvas, is intended to provide basic information and resources to help you in the development of your work-based learning (WBL) program. The course includes a downloadable digital (PDF) certificate of completion for your records. To access the Launch WBL! course.

Go to Canvas: canvas.education.ne.gov

Watch the video towards the top of the page that explains how to use the site (yellow link)

Enroll in the Launch WBL! course by clicking on the course image.

STIPEND: Send a copy of your certificate to kristen.slechta@esu9.us and complete our ESU 9 Consortium form.

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FREE Webinars from Thrively


Every Child Deserves to Thrive

Discover students' unique strengths, interests, and aspirations to build the skills they need for success in the K-12 classroom and beyond.

Perkins V Use of Funds & FORMS

💵 Are you attending a professional learning opportunity, workshop, or training? Perkins V funding is available to support your contract time in the form of a substitute reimbursement or your non-contract time in the form of a stipend. Click here to communicate the type of workshop/training, date, and the need for financial support. (Stipend = $150/day, 1 day = 6 hours, 1 hour Zoom = $25)

💵 Are you traveling during contract time for a professional learning opportunity? Click here to print and complete the request for mileage (0.56 mileage rate).

💵 Grant funds can be used to purchase the following: Instructional materials, software and/or equipment must enhance instruction for students to gain knowledge and skills that meet industry standards and expectations in high wage, high skill and high demand occupations. Click here to complete our consortium's purchase request form.

Perkins V FORMS Explained: Jan 22, 2021 4:52 PM

COMPREHENSIVE ONLINE RESOURCE Innovative, Online CTE Curriculum & Instructional Materials

Is anyone using this curriculum? If so or if you are interested, please contact kristen.slechta@esu9.us!

iCEV’s online curriculum platform is changing the way Career and Technical Education programs prepare students for the workforce. With standards-aligned courses, iCEV is leading the way in bridging the gap between education and industry certification testing.


Mary Lanning Healthcare - Education Department @MLHEducation

The MLH Education team started a Facebook page. One of our goals is to showcase careers in Healthcare. We will do our first "Professional Platform--a professional journey to a healthcare career" on Monday. We have wanted to do this for a while and since we still don't have a start date to begin offering Job Shadowing this is our way of trying to reach schools and future workers.

Next week we will feature a nurse that works in our Cardiac Rehab department and tell the route she took to get there, then in a few weeks an EKG/ECHO staff member.

Join today: https://www.facebook.com/MLHEducation

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Welcome to Wessels Farm for Agricultural Learning Experiences:

Find us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/livinghistoryfarm

Check out our Website! http://www.livinghistoryfarm.org/

Review us on TripAdvisor! www.tripadvisor.com/wessels_living_history_farm

Hello ESU 9 Educators!

I am writing to introduce myself to you. I am a retired 28 teaching veteran. Currently, I am the Director at Wessels Living History Farm in York and we are preparing a contact list of area FFA and Agriculture instructors for possible hands-on events (including STEM and hopefully building in some STEAM) this year at the farm. I want to make educators in our area aware of what we might offer. I also look forward to gathering ideas from you about activities that we can offer for your groups at the farm, thus fulfilling Dave Wessels' dream of educating our youth about agriculture.

Contact Information:

Vicki L. Northrop, MA, MEdL, Director

Wessels Living History Farm

5520 S. Lincoln Ave.

York, NE 68467


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NEW RealCare Infant Simulators for Check-out!

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Health Science - FREE Interactive Online Lessons


Exposing students early on to science, health science, and STEM shapes their attitude, aptitude, and confidence to pursue these types of careers in the future. This means educators are continually challenged to keep students engaged beyond the typical classroom experience. However, finding quality, supplemental resources that do so can be time consuming for already busy teachers.

uBEATS offers ready-to-use, supplemental materials

UNO & UNMC Building Excellence in Academics Through STEM (uBEATS) is series of cancer, genetics, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, and career e-modules offered by the University of Nebraska Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center that are designed for grades 6 – 12 to enhance existing curriculum and provide advanced information on top of what students learn in the classroom.

uBeats: Online Science Education Resources

Secondary Career Technical Education and Economic Recovery

Click here to read!

Engage Training

Engage is from Vyvaic. Vyvaic is an education and training contractor………..from Nebraska. They used to be the one contractor who worked with AdanceCTE office on the 16 career clusters information and development.

They wrote ENGAGE. Then we worked with them and more Nebraska Teachers and Administrators to make ENGAGE tailored to specific items and model of Nebraska.

Engage is open to everyone in a DropBox file.

It has also been uploaded to Nebraska OER as a group called Career Development.

Link: https://www.education.ne.gov/schoolcounseling/engage/

FCS, PE teachers and Counselors:

"Dear FCS, PE teachers and Counselors,

A good friend of mine works at Farm Credit Services of America , I was telling her we work with counselors in our region she made me aware of a grant program that may help some of your students. The information is at www.fcsamerica.com under apply for grants. They do a lot for hunger and nutrition. If you are awarded a grant, we would issue you a check and you could get what the kids need for your room. Also, if you have an immediate need we may have a few dollars available to help out."

Community Engagement & Photoshop

Interested in a quest speaker who loves to share about career readiness and Photoshop?

Contact Audra Leichleiter at audra@leichleiter.com today! She has recently visited Doniphan-Trubmull and presented to Journalism students. She has also participated in ESU 9's Career Field Exploration Days.

If no reply, please contact her at audraleichleiter@hotmail.com.

Website: leichleiter.com

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Join the Health Science Educators Association

Join the Health Science Educators Association, a collaboration to support health science teachers sponsored by the National Consortium of Health Science Education (NCHSE). As a member you will have access to:

  • A community of classroom teachers reinforcing the use of the National Health Standards
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Exclusive classroom resources

See the full list of membership benefits here.

This membership will especially be helpful for those teachers who need discounted resources, but whose state may not be a member of the consortium.

The mission of the Health Science Educators Association is to help classroom teachers with resources and an avenue to communicate with teachers from across the nation, sharing best practices and concerns.

To join, use your debit or credit card to pay the $45 membership fee and complete the following form: https://hsea.wufoo.com/forms/zunha4f10koswd/ You will receive a welcome email establishing your online membership, linking you to resources!

For additional information, see attached flyer or contact Nancy Allen at nancy@healthscienceconsortium.org

Lara Morris

State Program Manager

Health Careers Education

careertech | Education Services

1500 West Seventh Avenue
Stillwater, OK 74074-4398
405.743.5106 tel
405.747.9327 cell

405.743.6809 fax

FCS Teachers...

If your school is participating in the Beef in the Schools program from the Nebraska Cattleman, you might want to share the video with your students! There’s also a great article about the local food in schools program at Wayne Community Schools!

Nebraska's Beef In Schools Program Grows in Popularity

Explore Careers by Personality, Industry, and Career Spotlights!

Health Science - Opioid Kit

NHA releases new opioid toolkit

The Nebraska Hospital Association is proud to release the NHA Opioid Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to be a quick reference guide for providers and clinical staff.

This new toolkit addresses the following:

- Recommendations regarding appropriate prescribing to reduce the risk of addiction/abuse;

- Recommendations regarding screening and appropriate treatment for those who are already addicted;

- Tactics and methods to appropriately manage public expectations around opioid use.

The NHA Opioid Toolkit will be updated quarterly online and can be found on the NHA website.

Download your copy at:

NHA Opioid Toolkit

Lear More about "Mapping Your Success:"


"Just graduated from college and looking for a state to start your career? Or currently working in a job that is unfulfilling and want to jumpstart something new? There are many jobs available, but maybe not in your state.

This time, Zippia is looking at the top 10 best states for jobs so you can know where to start your search.

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Nebraska Agricultural Education - Professional Development Opportunities

Nebraska Career Clusters Videos

The final set of Nebraska Career Clusters videos is now live at www.necareertours.com. The curriculum writer has sent initial drafts of the Teacher Discussion Guides and Student View Guides for 3 of the 5 new clustersThe new videos are for:

  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security – Rembolt Ludtke, Nebraska Army National Guard, Midwest Medical Transport
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (new videos shot to replace first round videos) – CVA, HDR, and Omaha Steaks
  • Government and Public Administration – Americorps, Phelps County, Southeast Nebraska Development District
  • Energy and Engineering – Olsson Associates, NPPD, Strobel Energy
  • Manufacturing – Added Royal Composites

Nebraska Workforce Trends


Nebraska Workforce Trends is a monthly news magazine containing information about the Nebraska economy with feature articles spotlighting the uses of labor market information. Nebraska Workforce Trends is an online only publication.

3 D Printing @ E S U 9

ESU 9 and the Perkins Consortium has a Mojo 3D printer!

QUESTIONS or to REQUEST TRANSPORT of the Mojo 3D printer to your school district (Perkins Consortium members only), contact Time Kalvelage (tim.kalvelage@esu9.us.)


The cost for printing a 3D project will vary based on which printer is used and the size of the project. For projects printed using the Mojo printer, the cost will be based on cubic inch

  • Filament: $2.00/cubic inch
  • Support Material: $3.50/cubic inch

Please submit this form to request 3D printing AND upload your STL files to http://tinyurl.com/ESU9-3DprintRequestFORM

Add your file to dropbox here: http://tinyurl.com/ESU9-3D-PrintRequest

NOTE: Project files must be saved as STL files.

Contact Janine Uden (janine.uden@esu9.us) or Kristen Slechta (kristen.slechta@esu9.us) for more information.

Instruction Manual for Mojo Printer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ZAhWqzKTLO6SgHWXqCca1HOVIGHGF7k/view?usp=sharing

Wavewash 55 3D Printer Support Material Washing System - Stratasys

Tim Watters presents "3D Printing" @ ESU 9

Interested in checking out the Perkins Consortium Electronic Infants, Cow Model, Pig Model, Stomach Ruminant, or Pig Uterus Model?

Big picture

3D Printing using Mojo Printer available at ESU9: VIDEO below

Making It Stick - Webinar Series

The Nebraska Department of Education is excited to announce the finalization of a turn-key professional learning experience designed to enhance instruction of English Language Arts (ELA) across all disciplines. The overall goal of this professional learning experience is to equip teachers with teaching strategies that support student mastery of the Nebraska ELA Standards across all disciplines at the secondary level.

The “Making it Stick” Webinar Series includes 13 pre-recorded webinars for teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, ESU staff and teacher educators. Three foundation webinars explore the concepts of instructional models, formative assessment, and monitoring and adjusting during instruction. Following the foundational webinars, ten strategy webinars provide instruction on a specific teaching strategy included in the ELA Standards Instructional Tool (http://bit.ly/NDEStandardsTool). All strategies are aligned with the Nebraska ELA Standards and were selected based on skills needed for success on the NeSA-ELA. Most importantly, implementation of these strategies can help students to apply literacy skills in authentic settings, better understand your content, and strengthen their communication skills in all areas. To supplement each webinar, a viewing guide is provided offering additional support and if desired, can be used to facilitate a PLC with your staff. The attached flyer includes additional information.

The Making It Stick Webinar Series is located at: https://sites.google.com/a/education.ne.gov/nde-standards-instructional-tool/ela/making-it-stick.

For more information, contact Katie Graham (katie.graham@nebraska.gov) or Dr. Marissa Payzant (marissa.payzant@nebraska.gov). (Note: This project is partially funded with ESEA Title IIA funds.)

Contact Kristen if you would like to earn 2 days of "qualified" professional development through this webinar series!

Cory Epler, Ph.D.

Chief Academic Officer

301 Centennial Mall South, PO Box 94987

Lincoln, NE 68509-4987

Phone: 402-471-3240

NEPRIS - Connecting Industry to Classsroom

We make it easy for teachers to virtually invite industry professionals into the classroom to bring real world relevance to curriculum topics, to help evaluate student projects and to engage and inspire students in STEAM!