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Career & Technical Education Teachers,

The goal of this flyer is to keep you up-to-date on the current workshops and/or opportunities for professional growth in our area. Please feel free to contact me with updates, concerns, questions, or suggestions @ kristen.slechta@esu9.us.

Bookmark this flyer address as it will automatically update as well as include past, present, and future opportunities for professional growth.


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Nebraska CTE Beginning Teacher Institute – Community of Practice Launch!

Happy New Year and welcome back to 2nd semester! We are excited you are interested in connecting with your fellow Nebraska Beginning CTE Teachers! On Tuesday, January 12 from 4:00-5:00pm Central we will be launching the virtual Community of Practice. Join us for a live Zoom orientation to the site (link below). If you are unable to join us, the launch will be shared in a Zoom recording and access to the site will be provided to you later that afternoon.

Our goal for the Community Practice is simple: a virtual network just for beginning CTE teachers (you have unique challenges and needs!) that is a place for you to collaborate, share resources, participate in webinars and more! This professional learning community is currently available to over 25 teachers all across Nebraska in all areas of CTE (Agriculture, Health Sciences, Business, Family and Consumer Sciences etc.). This is a not a time consuming professional learning experience for you, but a “it’s what you make of it” in terms of connecting, sharing, and learning together. We look forward to learning with you!

If you are or know of a new CTE teacher who has taught 1-3 years and would be interested in participating in or could benefit from this Community of Practice, please contact Kristin Vest at kristin.vest@nebraska.gov.

Welcome to Wessels Farm for Agricultural Learning Experiences:

Find us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/livinghistoryfarm

Check out our Website! http://www.livinghistoryfarm.org/

Review us on TripAdvisor! www.tripadvisor.com/wessels_living_history_farm

Hello ESU 9 Educators!

I am writing to introduce myself to you. I am a retired 28 teaching veteran. Currently, I am the Director at Wessels Living History Farm in York and we are preparing a contact list of area FFA and Agriculture instructors for possible hands-on events (including STEM and hopefully building in some STEAM) this year at the farm. I want to make educators in our area aware of what we might offer. I also look forward to gathering ideas from you about activities that we can offer for your groups at the farm, thus fulfilling Dave Wessels' dream of educating our youth about agriculture.

Contact Information:

Vicki L. Northrop, MA, MEdL, Director

Wessels Living History Farm

5520 S. Lincoln Ave.

York, NE 68467


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Next Level Collaboratives: It's time to get together with ESU 9 area colleagues!

In order to meet the goals of our Perkins V four-year plan to take CTE to the NEXT LEVEL, we need time and space to communicate and collaborate! The following are virtual (Zoom) meeting times (4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.) by career field. Kristen Slechta has requested support from NCE staff specialists. Join us!

The ESU 9 Consortium does not include Hastings Public, as they receive their own Perkins V allocation. However, we WELCOME collaborative conversations. Join us!

Cost: $0

A stipend for $25 for your non-contract time is available to ESU 9 consortium registrants.

Register for December 7th

Register for December 21st

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Notes & Resources - October 26:

Course Coding: Who is your district's data steward? Are they aware of the 2020-2021 Course Codes for CTE? Click Here

Here is a spreadsheet to guide programming and reporting: Click Here

Discussion Topics:

Accounting Software (MindTap) - Click Here

Books: The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach, The Latte Factor by David Bach

Kahn Academy and Pixar in a Box

Adobe MAX


Nebraska 4H - Connecting the Dots

Next Generation Personal Finance - https://www.ngpf.org/

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Notes & Resources - November 2nd:

Revising standards - Spring work and more details to come.

"Communities of Practice" Teaching Hub

Topics of Discussion:

  • Career Field inventory
  • Equipment needs
  • Greenhouses
  • Five-year plans
  • Curriculum - CASE Courses
  • Record-keeping systems: AET ($360/year)
  • Artificial Insemination Kits
  • Cow Model - Doniphan-Trumbull, Pig Model - Kenesaw (ESU 9 Check out)
  • Hampton - Farm Animal Lab
  • FFA events - virtual options
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Notes & Resources - November 16th:

Topics of Discussion:


Dress forms, sewing machines, outdated textbooks, & ACTE Conference registration

Interested? Email kristen.slechta@esu9.us for Zoom link!

As we see additional uncertainty with what the next few weeks might bring for our schools, I want to make sure you have the opportunity to learn about our first fully comprehensive virtual curriculum resource available to ALL Nebraska FCS teachers through the Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences (CCFCS). Join Dr. Karen Alexander from CCFCS on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 from 4:30pm-5:30pm CT to learn how to access, manage and explore the 36 courses within the Blackboard Learn system. If you have not yet accessed and need a little push to see what is available, plan to join us! If you’re not available (it is 2020 after all!), the session will be recorded. If you have issues accessing the courses or have login issues please contact ccfcs@ttu.edu.

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Notes & Resources - November 30th:

Topics of Discussion:

  • SCNUSD#5 shared their work-based learning opportunity and student-run business called "74 Creative". A new website with details is coming soon!
  • Cozad example of CNC Plasma & Helmets
  • Regarding equipment inventory, shop upgrades, and safety guidelines, reach out to Central Community College as a resource!
  • NDE - "Less is more." NCE staff are available to connect, answer questions, and offer continued support. They are strategic when reaching out knowing the full plates of educators and the level of stress at this time.
  • SKILLS USA - Decisions are being made regarding the state conference. Reach out to Greg Stahr for questions, concerns, or suggestions.
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Notes & Resources - December 7th:

The importance of course coding: Do you know who your data steward is at your district?

Middle School - Programming does not currently count as programs of study. That could change.

CTE Standards Revision: Looking for consistency and possibilities for integration!

Microsoft Office vs. Google Suite Conversation: Office 365, levels of licensing, teaching excel first, and then students adapt knowledge to Google Sheets, and Microsoft Office YouTube Playlist (shared by Jacqui Garrison)

Professional Learning Opportunities / Training:


Imagine Academy



Here is a list of resources discussed this afternoon.

· Pixar in a Box – Communication Arts resource

· Adobe MAX Conference

· Nebraska Communication and Information System Standards:

· Program of Study Worksheet for data reporting

· BMIT resources shared by teachers in spring 2020

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Realityworks RESOURCES

Top COVID-19 Teacher Resources of 2020

Teachers, we thank you for your dedication to educating our youth during this truly unique year. Here at Realityworks we are committed to providing resources and products you can use during this time of ambiguity. Throughout 2020 we’ve made a variety of presentations, free lesson plans, classroom ideas and other resources available to help CTE teachers succeed. Our top COVID-19 teacher resources of 2020 are listed below. Use them to support your program through the rest of this year and into 2021.

Nebraska Career and Technical Education Guidance for Reopening

Nebraska Career and Technical Education (CTE) acknowledges that CTE classrooms will need to look different this upcoming school year to ensure the safety of all students and instructors. Nebraska CTE has been challenged to continue to provide high quality CTE and workplace experiences to students. It is the vision of Nebraska CTE to deliver coordinated, relevant learning opportunities that engage each student in high-quality, rigorous education. These opportunities will be enhanced by partnerships with business and industry, workforce, and economic development leaders, allowing learners to turn their passion, talents, and strengths into successful careers and fulfilling lives.

Document: https://www.launchne.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/CTEGuidance.pdf

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NEW RealCare Infant Simulators for Check-out!

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Health Science - FREE Interactive Online Lessons


Exposing students early on to science, health science, and STEM shapes their attitude, aptitude, and confidence to pursue these types of careers in the future. This means educators are continually challenged to keep students engaged beyond the typical classroom experience. However, finding quality, supplemental resources that do so can be time consuming for already busy teachers.

uBEATS offers ready-to-use, supplemental materials

UNO & UNMC Building Excellence in Academics Through STEM (uBEATS) is series of cancer, genetics, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, and career e-modules offered by the University of Nebraska Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center that are designed for grades 6 – 12 to enhance existing curriculum and provide advanced information on top of what students learn in the classroom.

uBeats: Online Science Education Resources

Secondary Career Technical Education and Economic Recovery

Click here to read!

Engage Training

Engage is from Vyvaic. Vyvaic is an education and training contractor………..from Nebraska. They used to be the one contractor who worked with AdanceCTE office on the 16 career clusters information and development.

They wrote ENGAGE. Then we worked with them and more Nebraska Teachers and Administrators to make ENGAGE tailored to specific items and model of Nebraska.

Engage is open to everyone in a DropBox file.

It has also been uploaded to Nebraska OER as a group called Career Development.

Link: https://www.education.ne.gov/schoolcounseling/engage/

FCS, PE teachers and Counselors:

"Dear FCS, PE teachers and Counselors,

A good friend of mine works at Farm Credit Services of America , I was telling her we work with counselors in our region she made me aware of a grant program that may help some of your students. The information is at www.fcsamerica.com under apply for grants. They do a lot for hunger and nutrition. If you are awarded a grant, we would issue you a check and you could get what the kids need for your room. Also, if you have an immediate need we may have a few dollars available to help out."

Community Engagement & Photoshop

Interested in a quest speaker who loves to share about career readiness and Photoshop?

Contact Audra Leichleiter at audra@leichleiter.com today! She has recently visited Doniphan-Trubmull and presented to Journalism students. She has also participated in ESU 9's Career Field Exploration Days.

If no reply, please contact her at audraleichleiter@hotmail.com.

Website: leichleiter.com

Silver Lake Checks Out Pregnancy Belly

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Join the Health Science Educators Association

Join the Health Science Educators Association, a collaboration to support health science teachers sponsored by the National Consortium of Health Science Education (NCHSE). As a member you will have access to:

  • A community of classroom teachers reinforcing the use of the National Health Standards
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Exclusive classroom resources

See the full list of membership benefits here.

This membership will especially be helpful for those teachers who need discounted resources, but whose state may not be a member of the consortium.

The mission of the Health Science Educators Association is to help classroom teachers with resources and an avenue to communicate with teachers from across the nation, sharing best practices and concerns.

To join, use your debit or credit card to pay the $45 membership fee and complete the following form: https://hsea.wufoo.com/forms/zunha4f10koswd/ You will receive a welcome email establishing your online membership, linking you to resources!

For additional information, see attached flyer or contact Nancy Allen at nancy@healthscienceconsortium.org

Lara Morris

State Program Manager

Health Careers Education

careertech | Education Services

1500 West Seventh Avenue
Stillwater, OK 74074-4398
405.743.5106 tel
405.747.9327 cell

405.743.6809 fax

FCS Teachers...

If your school is participating in the Beef in the Schools program from the Nebraska Cattleman, you might want to share the video with your students! There’s also a great article about the local food in schools program at Wayne Community Schools!

Nebraska's Beef In Schools Program Grows in Popularity

National Health Science Standards:

Over the past year NCHSE has been working hard in the effort to update their National Health Science Standards. Attached is the final product.


Use them as a guide as you develop your lesson plans and class activities for the upcoming school year.

Carol Packard

Career Field Specialist - Health Sciences
Post Secondary Perkins Monitor

Office of Career, Technical, & Adult Education

301 Centennial Mall South

Lincoln, NE 68508

P: (402) 471-4813

E: Carol.Packard@nebraska.gov

Explore Careers by Personality, Industry, and Career Spotlights!

Health Science - Opioid Kit

NHA releases new opioid toolkit

The Nebraska Hospital Association is proud to release the NHA Opioid Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to be a quick reference guide for providers and clinical staff.

This new toolkit addresses the following:

- Recommendations regarding appropriate prescribing to reduce the risk of addiction/abuse;

- Recommendations regarding screening and appropriate treatment for those who are already addicted;

- Tactics and methods to appropriately manage public expectations around opioid use.

The NHA Opioid Toolkit will be updated quarterly online and can be found on the NHA website.

Download your copy at:

NHA Opioid Toolkit

Lear More about "Mapping Your Success:"


"Just graduated from college and looking for a state to start your career? Or currently working in a job that is unfulfilling and want to jumpstart something new? There are many jobs available, but maybe not in your state.

This time, Zippia is looking at the top 10 best states for jobs so you can know where to start your search.

You may think that the best place for jobs is in the larger states, like New York, California, or Texas, but that isn't necessarily true. In large states, there are many jobs, but there is also a lot of job competition.

And while a job is great, a job that makes a lot of money compared to the cost of living is even better.

So where can you find jobs easily and make a good income?

Here's a quick glance at our top 10 best states for jobs that will give you that amazing job whose salary gives you a massive bang for your buck:"


Nebraska Agricultural Education - Professional Development Opportunities

Nebraska Career Clusters Videos

The final set of Nebraska Career Clusters videos is now live at www.necareertours.com. The curriculum writer has sent initial drafts of the Teacher Discussion Guides and Student View Guides for 3 of the 5 new clustersThe new videos are for:

  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security – Rembolt Ludtke, Nebraska Army National Guard, Midwest Medical Transport
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (new videos shot to replace first round videos) – CVA, HDR, and Omaha Steaks
  • Government and Public Administration – Americorps, Phelps County, Southeast Nebraska Development District
  • Energy and Engineering – Olsson Associates, NPPD, Strobel Energy
  • Manufacturing – Added Royal Composites

Nebraska Workforce Trends


Nebraska Workforce Trends is a monthly news magazine containing information about the Nebraska economy with feature articles spotlighting the uses of labor market information. Nebraska Workforce Trends is an online only publication.

3 D Printing @ E S U 9

ESU 9 and the Perkins Consortium has a Mojo 3D printer!

QUESTIONS or to REQUEST TRANSPORT of the Mojo 3D printer to your school district (Perkins Consortium members only), contact Time Kalvelage (tim.kalvelage@esu9.us.)


The cost for printing a 3D project will vary based on which printer is used and the size of the project. For projects printed using the Mojo printer, the cost will be based on cubic inch

  • Filament: $2.00/cubic inch
  • Support Material: $3.50/cubic inch

Please submit this form to request 3D printing AND upload your STL files to http://tinyurl.com/ESU9-3DprintRequestFORM

Add your file to dropbox here: http://tinyurl.com/ESU9-3D-PrintRequest

NOTE: Project files must be saved as STL files.

Contact Janine Uden (janine.uden@esu9.us) or Kristen Slechta (kristen.slechta@esu9.us) for more information.

Instruction Manual for Mojo Printer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ZAhWqzKTLO6SgHWXqCca1HOVIGHGF7k/view?usp=sharing

Wavewash 55 3D Printer Support Material Washing System - Stratasys

Tim Watters presents "3D Printing" @ ESU 9

Interested in checking out the Perkins Consortium Electronic Infants, Cow Model, Pig Model, Stomach Ruminant, or Pig Uterus Model?

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3D Printing using Mojo Printer available at ESU9: VIDEO below

Making It Stick - Webinar Series

The Nebraska Department of Education is excited to announce the finalization of a turn-key professional learning experience designed to enhance instruction of English Language Arts (ELA) across all disciplines. The overall goal of this professional learning experience is to equip teachers with teaching strategies that support student mastery of the Nebraska ELA Standards across all disciplines at the secondary level.

The “Making it Stick” Webinar Series includes 13 pre-recorded webinars for teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, ESU staff and teacher educators. Three foundation webinars explore the concepts of instructional models, formative assessment, and monitoring and adjusting during instruction. Following the foundational webinars, ten strategy webinars provide instruction on a specific teaching strategy included in the ELA Standards Instructional Tool (http://bit.ly/NDEStandardsTool). All strategies are aligned with the Nebraska ELA Standards and were selected based on skills needed for success on the NeSA-ELA. Most importantly, implementation of these strategies can help students to apply literacy skills in authentic settings, better understand your content, and strengthen their communication skills in all areas. To supplement each webinar, a viewing guide is provided offering additional support and if desired, can be used to facilitate a PLC with your staff. The attached flyer includes additional information.

The Making It Stick Webinar Series is located at: https://sites.google.com/a/education.ne.gov/nde-standards-instructional-tool/ela/making-it-stick.

For more information, contact Katie Graham (katie.graham@nebraska.gov) or Dr. Marissa Payzant (marissa.payzant@nebraska.gov). (Note: This project is partially funded with ESEA Title IIA funds.)

Contact Kristen if you would like to earn 2 days of "qualified" professional development through this webinar series!

Cory Epler, Ph.D.

Chief Academic Officer

301 Centennial Mall South, PO Box 94987

Lincoln, NE 68509-4987

Phone: 402-471-3240

Industry Chats - NEPRIS

NEPRIS - Connecting Industry to Classsroom

We make it easy for teachers to virtually invite industry professionals into the classroom to bring real world relevance to curriculum topics, to help evaluate student projects and to engage and inspire students in STEAM!

NROC Webinar Series

Education professionals share their experience and knowledge on a wide variety of topics.