Internet Saftey

By: Christian Smith

Computer Viruses

The vast majority of viruses (over .99%) target systems running Microsoft Windows.


Cyber-bullying is a type of method for bullies to hurt or harm you. They us harsh language and sometimes hack peoples profiles.

social networks

social networking can be fun for some people, but some people don't like it because they either get bullied or think its a bad influence.

Online action fraud

this is often commonly done because for say you see an ad on TV and you want to buy there product, but its really a scam to get your money and you won't get what you wanted.


A person goes into your computer and hacks, and sabotages your computer of its info


Go into your device and go to settings and set up the privacy settings and the protective settings to stay private and protected


this network can be good and bad. The good is that you can talk to Friends and family, but the bad is that people can bully you and post mean of embarrassing things about you.


this network is like Facebook but without games and you can only post videos and pictures


this network you can tweet famous people but like any other site people can bully and pick on you.

pirated movies

these types of movies are like copies of the real one and are modified