To Bee or Not To Bee!!!!!!

All about bees!

What if bees became extinct?

We wouldn’t have as many plants to eat and animals wouldn’t be able to eat and we could die. If bees weren’t here than the plants would die the animals that feed on plants would die as well than soon enough we would all die too. We would only live up to 4 years without bees.

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Do bees matter in our world?

They do matter because they pollinate our plants and it provide good food to eat. We aren’t the only ones affected by the bees. Other herbivores depend on the bees to pollinate the plants they eat to survive as well extinction of the bees is the same thing as world hunger.
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Why do bees learn the waggle dance?

So that the bees can collect more pollen with other bees help. The waggle dance tells other bees where their flower find was so that the rest of the hive can collect pollen.

How do bees collect honey?

The bees collect pollen from the flowers in their honey stomach. Once they’ve collected enough pollen they put the pollen inside a cell.

Why do bees use they're stingers?

Honeybees sting when you get close to their hive and they try to protect it by stinging you.

What can we do to save the bees?

We can spread the word with television advertisements that provide worthy evidence that we need bees to survive.
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