South African Apartheid


Most of the causes of the segregation with whites and other races was mostly a result of the white government. With the government being run by white africans, it was inevitable to have laws to make segregation between whites and other races (mainly the native blacks). Most of the laws were based around the whites having their own place, and the native blacks and other races had a different (usually worse) place to be. The government essentially forced the different races to stay away from the white africans.


Many of the whites segregated other races because of the apartheid in South Africa. Even if not all the white africans are against the other races, the government pushes so much for segregation that everyone had to listen to them. Even though the native blacks were not the minority, they still listened to the government, because there were severe punishments for blacks who don't comply to what they want.


During the apartheid in South Africa the government was run by white africans resulting in segregation. They passed several laws in order to segregate the white africans from the other raced africans. The whites were the minority, but they came to power and have the majority afraid of them.


The segregation in South Africa greatly affected the economic system. At one point the war forced blacks and whites to work together because they needed people to work so they went to "the bottom of the barrel" and started to hire blacks.


After the apartheid ended much of the South Africans were greatly effected. Most of the white Africans didn't change their ways and still treated the black Africans as a lower class citizen.