have a little faith By Mitch Albom

Presentation by Kylie Knox

Authors Purpose

Mitch Alboms purpose for writing "have a little faith" was to show how uncomfortable he felt writing an eulogy for his Rabbi a man who has written and read many eulogies in his life time. Mitch also talked about a man named Henry who has been through some tuff things growing up and how he changed it all by asking for Gods help.

Textual evidence

Page 1: "Picture the most pious man you know. Your priest. Your pastor. Your rabbi. Your imam. Now picture him tapping you on the shoulder and asking you to say good-bye to the world on his behalf."

Page 7: "It stopped me in my tracks. I had never been asked this before. Not by anyone--let alone a religious leader. There were people mingling all around, but he kept smiling as if it were the most normal question in the world, until I blurted out something about needing time to think about things."

Page 7: "To that point, all I really knew of Albert Lewis was what an audience member knows of a performer: his delivery, his stage presence, the way he held the congregation rapt with his commanding voice and flailing arms."

Page 54: "He couldn't have been dumber. He wound up lying his way into an arrest--along with another guy--on a man slaughter charge. The other guy went to trail, was convicted, and got sent away for twenty-five years. Henry's lawyer quickly recommended a plea deal. Seven years. Take it."


“Have a little faith” by Mitch Albom is about Mitch’s life and how his old priest asked him to write his eulogy for him for when he leaves. Mitch was a little uncertain about it at the beginning because he didn’t know what to say about him since he never really spoke to him outside of church. Mitch finally agrees to meet with Albert and get to know him so he knows what to write. Along the way Mitch meets a man named Henry. Henry was very troubled when he was a kid after his dad died till he asked God for help. Now Henry is working at a ran down church for the poor it gives them a place to stay, food to eat, and a place to worship with out being pressured. Albert got really sick and died from a major stroke. Mitch went to the church filled with people and read a very heartfelt eulogy he had wrote. For Mitch to write the eulogy he didn’t need to look back at his notes or the videos he had. All he had to do is remember the endless talks and the memories he they made together in the short time they had.