The Atakapa Indians

by Aidan Thomas

Location and shelter

Location:They lived in the southeast Woodlands in the swampy area in Texas.

Shelter:Lived in brush shelters,that were very small and made of grass,and reed.

Food,weapons,and Hunting

Weapons:They had blowguns,darts,Spears,and bow and arrow.

Food:They fished,killed and ate alligators,and even ate people from other tribes.They hunted buffalo in the interior plains.They also gathered nuts,berries,wild grapes,roots,wild honey,Persimmons,and other plants.

Hunting:The hunted and gathered food they either found,killed,or grew.

Organization of leadership,Religion, a unique characteristic,what happened to them.

Religion:Their religion was a lot like Buddhism,because they worship animals.
Organization of leadership:They do not have any form of government.
Unique Characteristics:They practiced cannibalism and ate their Spanish enemies.
What happened to them:There is descendents of the Atakapa tribe that is spread out all over Texas.
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