Ella's Excellent Toddlers!

Hello fabulous parents!!

First off, I am SO sorry this newsletter took so long for me to get to y'all! I have been fighting a losing battle with technology and have now decided that technology can win this round-I eventually hope to pull the rest of my adorable photos from its evil clutches, but for now some words and a few shall suffice.

We have had an action packed few weeks and many more exciting events headed our way as we finish up our year. The kiddos had a blast with the Easter Egg hunt and especially loved enjoying one special treat after you left. Thank you so much for being there that morning and being so flexible. Egg hunts with masses of toddlers tend to be a little crazy, so thank you for stepping into our silliness for the morning and being so patient.

Thank you SO MUCH for the way y'all spoiled us for Teacher Appreciation Day (which somehow lasted a whole week!! ). Those jackets are awesome and mine has already saved me from the rain several times! Huge shout out to Megan and Amanda for coming and relieving us so that Elizabeth and I were able to go to our luncheon! I seriously cannot thank you ladies enough for that gift of time to go relax and have community with all my wonderful coworkers-you are very brave and generous ladies! If that all wasn't enough having all your adorable little ones bring me flowers at the end of the week was really the icing on the cake of an awesome week! You guys are always so kind and encouraging that I feel appreciated every single day, so thanks for going above and beyond and spoiling me for a week-the flowers, sweets, cards, gifts, and all your kind words this year are all a big part of why I love my job so much!

Loving my job as much as I do makes this next update a little bittersweet..... As most of you are already aware, I have been given the opportunity to be in charge of Elementary Care this summer! This means I get to plan all the fun activities, guests, crafts, and adventures those kids will have all summer-I am super excited!! The downside to this is that I have to leave my precious little class that I love so much. (*Insert oceans of tears here) Getting to teach your kids this year and watching their awesome little personalities blossom has been such a fun and rewarding experience and I have absolutely loved it! Most people close to me can easily name all the kids in my class, because just like they yell "Go see Ella!!!" in your homes and cars, I tell anyone who will listen about all the hilarious and adorable things they do each week! Please feel free to take detours through UpStreet when you drop off this summer, I would love to be visited by my favorite little buddies! Until then, I will be soaking up all the hugs and silliness that I can to last me through the summer!

This month we will be learning about Zoos, the Wild West, Birds & Nests! Your kiddos have recently developed a curiosity about which animals are mean and nice, so I am sure our Zoo activities will lead to some hilarious statements and lines of questioning!

The Weekday Carnival is coming up later this month! It will take place at Browns Bridge Church on April 22nd, from 10-1. Chickfila will be available to purchase in advance, so be on the look out for a sign-up sheet. I will be there making sure no one gets to rowdy on the inflatable slide, so I hope to see all of you there!

Thanks for reading this months novel of a newsletter, and please let me know if you have any questions about anything!