8th Grade Newsletter

January 28, 2013

Language Arts Information!

Hello Parents! Ever wonder how to get your kids reading and enjoying it? I found an interesting article posted on CNN by Award Winning Author, James Patterson, which has some great tips for catching their attention with books. I have attached a link to the article as well as a link to a great website with a bunch of recommendations and reviews for fun books your kids will love! Enjoy!



Math Information!

Being a problem solver is something like being a detective! A detective has to solve crimes by guessing what happened and checking the guess to see if it fits the situation. For some problems, your best strategy may be to make a guess and check to see if your answer fits the problem. If not, decide if your guess was too high or too low and then make a good second “guesstimate.” A good detective keeps records (usually some kind of chart) to help see any patterns and to narrow down the possibilities. You should do this too. The results of incorrect guesses can give you valuable clues to the correct solution.

Guess and then check the solution to:

Jo, Ro, & Bo have less than 20 tokens. Ro has more than Mo and Mo has more than Bo. Ro gives Bo three tokens and Mo gives Bo two. Now they each have the same number. What did they start with?

Source: Math Stars

Parents Corner!

Field Trip to WCU!

On February 6th, the 8th grade will be attending a play at WCU called Struggle for Freedom. There is no cost for the play but students will need money for lunch. Permission slips were sent home and are required to be turned in by Friday, February 1st if students plan on attending.


Midterms go home on Wednesday, February 6th. Please look for these to come home with your students.

Math Curriculum Night

Please join us at Math Curriculum Night on Wednesday, January 30th! This event will feature fun math activities for people of all ages! Free dinner from 4:30 pm- 5:30 pm! K-2 students will be performing a patriotic music program at 5:30. Come on out and join us on Wednesday! See you there!

Bullying Program!

There will be a Bullying Presentation for students grade 6th- 8th on Thursday, January 31st.