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Chemical Engineer

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What does a chemical engineer do?

A chemical engineer designs products ranging from beverages and cosmetics to technologies. They often operate plants and equipment as well.

What type of schooling will you need?

A Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering is required, although if you want a state of the art job you will also need Ph.D. A state licensure is also required to provide assistance to the public.

Average Salary?

Salary can be anywhere from $58,000 to $154,000 depending on your rank. The average salary is $43.00 and hour and $90,000 annually depending on how many hours you make.

Responsibilities in the career

A chemical engineer usually has more than one responsibility. They research which items would work best when inventing a product and analyze that the results are as planned. They must have several theories so that if one product doesn't work they have some other ideas.
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You can live just about anywhere for this job although according to a a survey the highest paid engineers live in Idaho.
What is Chemical Engineering