Communicating with families

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Due today:

  • Quest 11: Component 2D/ Managing student behavior Test

  • Quest 12: Informing infographics Test

  • Quest 15: Component 4C / Digital newsletter tool Questions, Understanding, and Explore

Component review! - Think, pair, tweet

  • What is component 3A?
  • Why do we need it?
  • What are the elements?
  • How can we show it?

Please include twitter handles in tweet!

  • What is component 4C
    • Why do we need it?
    • What are the elements?
    • How can we show it?

    To the PLN

    • How does your PLN communicate with families?
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    Schools Find New Ways to Communicate With Parents

    Contact your virtual co-op

    Contact your virtual co-op to create a digital newsletter for him/her to use.

    Share your infographic with your virtual co-op

    Lab Time - due by end of class

    • Go to Quest 15 synthesis
    • Create an account for one of the tools listed.
    • Identify a digital newsletter and pin it to our group board
    • Create a digital newsletter for your virtual co-op using one of the tools listed below.
    • Tweet about your experience
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    Due Friday 10/2

    • Participate in 1 educational twitter chat by this date. Document learning in my gcc Quest 3 TEST
    • Quest 14: Component 3A / Remind Test
    • Work on digital newsletter

    Quest 15 Test

    Due Monday, Oct 5th