Ripon Cathedral School Update

Week ending Friday 27th May 2016

dictionaries for all

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On Thursday we were visited by Ripon Rotarians who presented a dictionary to each of our year 2 children. As you can see they were very pleased with their gift. Thank you to Ripon Rotary, this is the fifth year they have presented a dictionary to our children.

rain stopped play

We were disappointed to postpone the Early Years Sports Day on Thursday and main school Sports Day on Friday. We apologise for any inconvenience caused for postponing these events, thank you all for being so understanding.

Our next proposed date is Thursday 9th June.

Nursery and Reception Sports 10am

Year 1- 6 Sports 1.30pm

year 5 blogging

As part of our computing curriculum year 5 have been writing blogs. They are given a writing challenge which they have to meet in 100 words, they publish their work on a blog and are able to comment on each other's work. You can read their writing and comments by clicking on this link. (click on the date under each of the challenges to open them)

Pentecost Display

Some of the work produced last week as part of our RE journey day on Pentecost is now on display in the Cathedral. Why don't you take some time over half term and pop in and see it?

Year 5 welcome worship

Following this week's worship theme of Technology, year 5 led our welcome worship this week. They managed to include singing, dancing and Star Trek! Thank you to all the parents /carers who attended; it was lovely to welcome so many of you into school.

breakfast natters

Members of the Cathedral continue with our "Breakfast Natters" sessions after half term, why not join them on Thursday 9th June? These regular parent coffee mornings are held at Thorpe Prebend House every 1st Thursday of the month. Parents and pre school children are invited to go along straight after morning school drop off for a chat over a free cup of tea, coffee and a delicious pastry!

world news

It was wonderful to welcome back the year 6 children from Spain last weekend. They arrived home safely and they had a super time. As you can see their arrival was featured in the local newspaper in Segovia. We are really looking forward to welcoming our Spanish friends when they pay a return visit to us in June.
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ofsted report

We are still awaiting the outcomes of last week's Ofsted inspection. We have been informed that it could take up to four weeks for the report to arrive. We will obviously let you know the outcomes when we receive them.

Message from the Cathedral

At Cathedral Club the children have been sharing Parables. We have found that some are harder to crack than others. Last week we explored the Parable of the Great Pearl. The disciples found it difficult to understand what the Kingdom of Heaven is like and in this Parable Jesus tells them it is like the merchant who wanted to own a magnificent pearl; nothing else would do. After a lot of seeking he found the Pearl of Great Price, which was greater than any other. As the story in our Parable box unfolded the children watched in horror as the merchant gradually emptied his house selling everything he owned in order to be able to buy the pearl. Even his bed went and he was left sitting in his empty house with nothing but the pearl. The children had very mixed feelings about whether he had done the right thing!

Of course Jesus was telling His disciples that once we know about the Kingdom of God, nothing else matters. We talked about our own possessions and what they mean to us. Probably most of us have far too much “stuff” in our lives. This can clutter our existence so that we lose sight of what our real treasures are. The children ended our session by each putting a shiny pebble in a dish and sharing what it represented to them…their own personal treasure. Of course some said it was their teddy or favourite toy but most said it was their family, their friends or their home. Perhaps during this half term we can contemplate what our true treasures are as we share time with friends and family.

Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus Christ, the Priceless Pearl. May our lives reflect His as we seek the true treasures in our hearts.

Friends of Ripon Cathedral Update

Happy Half Term

The Friends would like to thank everyone for their support this half term with the Friends events and fundraising including Cake stalls, book fairs, the big and fantastic summer fair this month. With everyone’s help we have raised to date since September … (drum roll!...) over £4000!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful restful half term and we’ll see you next half term for more fun and fundraising!

Duck Race

It’s quackers time again with the return of our popular duck racing event on the Tuesday 14th June – join us for racing on the river, and hotdogs and refreshments at school afterwards. (Volunteers required to help – please let Tina Salden, Katy O’Malley or a member of the committee know if you are available)

Music Evening – the Friends will be supporting the school music evening on Tuesday 28th June providing Cheese and Wine for guests, we will be asking for volunteers to help nearer the time!

Bags – 2 – School

9am 5th July We will be collecting old clothes, soft toys shoes, and a host of other items for recycling, You Bags -2- School bag will be with you w/c 13th June and they will collect, weigh and pay us a fee depending on weight of the filled ! For more information please visit their website here (use link:

Until then… Happy holidays from us!

community messages

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Dates for your diary......

27th May - Break up Half Term

6th June - School opens

7th June - Reception visit to Harewood Bird Garden

9th June - Breakfast Natters - Thorpe Prebend House 9am

9th June - Early Years Sports - 10am

9th June - Y1 -6 Sports Day - 1.30pm

14th June - Y6 visit to Crucial Crew Roadshow

14th June - Friends Duck Race

16th June - Y6 Welcome Worship

20th June - Spanish Students arrive for 1 week

23rd June - Y3 Welcome Worship

23rd June - Y2 visit to Life Centre

23rd June - Y6 and Spanish students visit Forbidden Corner

28th June - Music Evening

30th June - Y1 Welcome Worship

6th July - Y6 Leavers Celebration

7th July - Y5 Space Day Event at Outwood Academy

15th July - Y2 visit to York Railway Museum

19th July - Y5 DT workshops Ripon Grammar

19th July- School Production

20th July - School Production

22nd July - Break up for Summer Holiday 2pm

Breakfast Natters

Thursday, June 9th, 9am

14 High Saint Agnesgate


Drop the children off and come for a cuppa and a pastry.