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Information about Athens

Athens is the capital city of Greece. it's ancient city that accist 2500 years, since the days of the Greek Empire.

theres a myth about how Athens created. acording the myth, Two gods argued (Poseidon - goddes of the sea, and Athena - goddess of wisdom). They both wanted to be the patron deities of Athens. They had contest. Competition both had to give a gift to the residents of Athens, who will give the best gift would be the patron of Athens. Poseidon gave to the residents salt water, while Athena gave them an olive tree. The residents chose Athena to their patron, and so the city called Athens, in the name of Athena .

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Tips for a trip to amazing Athens!

Come and experience an once in a lifetime dream trip in ancient Athens!

From the enchanting marble streets to the ancient Acropoli!

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The best attractions in Athens:

The infamous Acropolis of Athens:

The meaning of the name 'Acropolis' is 'Upper city'. The Acropolis includes the entire rocky hill on which the Parthenon was built. The hill is surrounded by a wall, and around it the city of Athens was built. The acropolis exists for over 2000 years. On the Acropolis hill there are the ruins of three ancient temples, two theaters and a museum. The most important of the temples is the Parthenon, dedicated to the goddess of wisdom Athena, The patron goddess of the city after whom it was named. T is on of the world's most ancient buildings, and the building of it began at 447 BC when finally completed during 438 BC. In the following centuries it was used as a church, mosque, and armory, and was greatly damaged. The Acropolis is one of Greece's most known symbols that survived until present day.

The second Temple, named Athena-Nike (Athena the Greek goddess of wisdom, Nike the Greek goddess of victory), locate din the entrance was built at 424 BC as a memorial for the victory on the Persian Empire.

The third temple, the Caryatides, is most known for the marble sculptures of women used as pillars for the temple. It is highly recommended to visit the museum at the place which inhabits exhibits and reconstructions of the pantheon. The theater of Dionysus and theatre of Herodes Atticus, which are used in modern times for concerts under the open sky, are found in the southern slopes of the hill.

Opening hours: May to October, Monday to Friday 8:30-18:30, and weekends up to 14:30. the entrance fee is 12 Euro.


Parliament Area:

The national gardens that are found near the parliament building were once the royal gardens, but between the years of 1840 to 1973 they were passed to the government, when the king Constantine was banished. From the gardens it is recommended to continue to the Hill Of Wolves, from which you can see the entire city and the Parthenon. The hill is forested except for several walking trails spread around the area. On the hill you can also find the open theatre and the white Ayio Georagios church. In ancient times at the top of the hill stood a temple dedicated to Zeus, But after Athens was freed from the Ottoman rule the hill was covered with flora. It is recommended to visit the area and walk the beautiful trails.

The most recommended restaurants in Athens

Pasfai – great restaurant, Of food from the area of Crete, and especially the city of Chania restaurant is found about 15 minutes drive from downtown Athens.

Louizidhas - Loaizids is another great restaurant, it is found south of Athens close to the Wigman Sootis, the restaurant specializes in local Greek usually cooked.

Kuzina - Kuzina is a restaurant that belongs to one of the best known chefs in Greece, Aris Tsanaklides, he always takes the folk Greek food special directions.

The months recommended for visiting Athens are:

The months recommended for visiting Athens are June to August, considering the fact those months cover the summer vacation, and that the temperature is perfect, 27.5 degrees on average.

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Maria Elena Kyriakou - One Last Breath (Greece) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015 Grand Final

For ending - Greece at the Eurovision 2015