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Dear Parents,

Field trip forms need to be returned as soon as possible with the $4.00 fee. I will be sending home a list of parents who will be going with us on this field trip on Tuesday.

Student Council will be holding elections this week. Our class representative will be chosen on Friday. Students will have the opportunity to present a speech to their class. We will then vote on our class representative. More information will be sent home with the students on Tuesday.

Please see below for a more detailed explanation of our week! As always, contact me for any questions or concerns!


Vocabulary Skill: Multiple Meaning Words: are words that have more than one meaning. A place is a location sch as a school. Place also means "to put," as in, "Please place the paper on your desk."

Comprehension Skill: Literary Elements: plot, setting, characters: The plot is what happened in the story. The setting is where the story takes place. The characters are the people in the story.

Convention Skill: Subjects & Predicates: No sentence is complete without both a subject and a predicate. The subject is the word or group of words about which something is said in the sentence. The predicate of a sentence is the word or group of words that tells something about the subject. All the words in the subject are called the complete subject. The subject's central noun or pronoun is called the simple subject. All the words in the predicate are called the complete predicate. The predicate's verb is called the simple predicate.

Spelling Skill: Long e and o. Long e is sometimes spelled ee or ea: sweet, each. Long o is sometimes spelled oa or ow: throat, rainbow.


Here are the lessons for week.

Narrative Writing: Narrative Writing tells a personal or fictional experience or tells a story based on a real or imagined event.

Monday: Using a Graphic Organizer

Tuesday: Reviewing a Rubric & Structure of Narrative Writing

Wednesday: Writing Hooks

Thursday: Continue using a graphic organizer

Friday: Test Day


Here are the skills we will be working on this week. (Only if you are in Miss Mitchell or Mrs. Davis's math classes)

Please continue to practice math facts (addition & subtraction) and skip counting.

Monday: Reading numbers through 1,000,000 and Identifying place value

Tuesday: Writing numbers through 1,000,000

Wednesday: Expanded form through 1,000,000

Thursday: Comparing numbers through 1,000,000

Friday: Small Groups & Reteaching


Please see below for the skills we will be working on this week!

We will be introducing our Rocks and Minerals Chapter. We will be introducing vocabulary words on Monday. Vocabulary words can be practiced on Quizlet. On Friday we will have a rocks lab!

Our Team Schedule

Team Schedule

8:15-8:45 AR

8:45-9:05 Spelling (M) / Grammar (T,W,Th,F)

9:05-9:35 RTI

9:40-11:25 Reading/Science

11:25-12:10 Lunch/Recess

12:20-1:00 Specials

1:05-2:25 Math (1:05-2:00 on Friday)

2:25-2:55 Writing (Science/Multidisciplinary projects- 2:00-3:00 on Friday)

2:55-3:05 REARJMCL

Specials Schedule
Monday: Library
Tuesday: Computer
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Music
Friday: Art

Important Dates for Our Team

September 25- Student Council Elections
October 1 - Picture Day!

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