The Corny Levels of Industry

By Gabriel Stubbe

Agriculture-Gathering New Raw Material Ex:Baker

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Manufacturing-Turning a raw material into a product Ex:factory

When the corn gets taken to a factory so it can be made into a new product and the make the corn fresh and healthy and then it's made into a new material.

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Level of Industry - Service Industry

The service industry supports the product by putting it in different advertisements. This increased awareness to customers will hopefully influence them to purchase their products.


There are four levels of industry-Agriculture,Manufacturing,wholesaler.transportation,Retailer.Agriculture is when a farmer is gathering corn when it is time to harvest the corn.He uses heavy machines to harvest the corn and then he takes to the factory. Then they manufacture the corn by turning it into a new material like corn flakes.Then when they are done making the product they put in different kinds of transportation so they can take it to the store for people to buy.Then when the product is made then they put it into different advirtisements to try to provoke people to buy the product and that's how all 4 levels of industry work.