Wiley Weekly 9/25

Mrs. Wiley's Crew

Dear UMAC Parents

Next month we are scheduled to go on a new field trip! On the morning of Monday, October 26 our class will be joining Mrs. Barrett's class at the Prairieview Education Center to further our study of Native Americans. After a short hike, we will be visiting a Native American wigwam and participate in creating an authentic Native American artifact. Our UMAC teams will be leaving WC promptly at 9:10am and will return back to school for lunch by 12:30pm. This field trip will be entirely outside so we are crossing our fingers for a beautiful fall day!

I would like to invite three parent chaperones to join us on this field trip. If you are interested in coming along, please let me know as soon as possible by sending me an email. Since I can only have three chaperones, I will take the first three parents that respond.

Have a great weekend,

Abby Wiley

WEB Conferences: Next Week!

These one-on-one reading conferences will take place on Mondays or Wednesdays. Students will meet with the same volunteer each week to build a strong, reading relationship. When your child meets with their WEB volunteer they will have the opportunity to share their thinking and practice their oral reading fluency. I'd like to extend a special thank you to our WEB volunteers for donating their time each week to help our crew become stronger readers. Our readers are really excited to begin conferencing!!

Science Investigation: Pendulums!

Our scientists had a blast this week exploring pendulums (swingers). Through a fun and hands-on approach students learned the following concepts:

-A variable is anything that you can change in an experiment that might affect the outcome.

-In a controlled experiment all variables are controlled except one.

-As the length of the pendulum increases, the number of cycles decreases.

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Shopping at Cubs Corner!

Shared Reading: Buffalo Hunt

This week students compared and contrasted characters while reading a short, historical fiction story titled Buffalo Hunt. While reading, we discussed how people from different cultures often have much to learn from each other. Be sure to ask your reader if Sean or Sharp Eyes was the protagonist and which character was the antagonist.

Mark your Calendar!

Friday, October 2: School spirit day

Monday, October 12: Columbus Day- no school