Hollister hoodie

Raw material

Raw cotton and polyester

where the materials came from

why did I chose this product? and How did this product play a role in my every day life?

I picked this item because I like and buy Hollister's clothes. This product plays a role in my daily life because


Many countries practice different ways of live through either social media or generations.


Vietnam might not have the technology to communicate with the US.


Vietnam might not have enough money to buy the raw materials to make the products.


If one country doesn't like an another countries president they probably wont sell their product to them.
The problem I pick was the economic problem which is what if Vietnam cant afford to buy the raw materials from different countries. The solution would be Vietnam could make the price higher for the countries that are buy the product to sell but not to high that they will stop buying products. There for people would get more money and the countries will get money.