Apps for Elementary Students

Edu 210


This is a poster for apps to use in elementary schools to help students learn about new technologies and the world around them.
Woices for iPhone makes it easy to access WOICES FREE AUDIOGUIDES SERVICES. Woices is a FREE service for creating, sharing and listening to audioguides made by people for the people. Nobody knows better this place you are going to than the people who lives or have been there before. Listen to them for some real information, experiences or recommendations! Woices brings them to you right now and on the spot by using the iPhone GPS feature which allows Woices to know exactly where you are!

Bubble and Pebble Story

“Bubble and Pebble” is an interactive, hand drawn animated book. The pictures are drawn and animated by 6 year old children. They have also recorded their voices for the characters of the story.
This digital book is the very first one that has been created by children.

Choose Your Path

A text adventure and exploration game where you make the choices, Choose Your Path is a fun casual story reader where YOU choose what happens next. Do you want your character to go explore the creepy old castle, or hide in the woods? Nobody but you decides how the story will turn out!

Bunsella Bedtime App

Bunsella Bedtime App features claymation-like characters to which you lend your voice to tell a story. You can upload your own images through the app too. Completed stories can be shared through email, Facebook, or YouTube.

Poll Everywhere

Presenters choose from a variety of activities like Q&A and multiple choice polls. Audience responses are displayed in real-time from the web or in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Participants can vote or respond from this app, web browsers, text messages, or Twitter.