Martin Schoeller a Photojournalist

by Hannah Mahony


Martin Scholler is a New York Based photographer, he is known for his closeup portrait photos. He was born in Munich Germany, 1968. Schooler was inspired by August Sander's photos of those in poverty, the working class, and the middle-class. Scholler came to photography after high school when his friend urged him to apply for a photography school in Germany. Out of the 800 students who applied, Martin was one of the 40 who made it into the school. After school, Schoeller became one of three contracted photographers at The New Yorker in 1999. Since then Scholler's work has appeared in National Geographic, TIME, Esqire, Entertainment Weekly and many other magazines. "Like most portrait photographers, I aim to record the instant the subject is not thinking about being photographed, striving to get beyond the practiced facial reaching for something unplanned," said Scholler. While continuing to shoot for the New Yorker Scholler still works on personal projects, such as female body builders, twins, and most recently homeless people in Los Angeles. "I am interested in the idea of documenting faces of our times, building a catalouge-photographing people from many different backgrounds in the exact same style, revealing glimpses of humanity that are universal," he says.


These photos are just a piece of a photo gallery on national geographic. The photos are meant to show twins, their similarities and differences


Recently Martin has been photographing the homeless of Los Angeles. He takes the pictures with The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition on Sycamore and Romaine. The GWHFC serves hot food to the homeless every night between 6:15 and 7:30.

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Hannah Mahony

My photo journalistic style is nature and landscape photos. I think that my photos show humans at peace with nature. I love taking nature photos because they are memories for me and I can say that I did that and experienced it for myself.