Third Grade News

The 1st Six Week's

What we are learning!

Language Arts

Welcome! As we embark on a new school year, we would like you to become more familiar with the Language Arts units of study your student will experience this year. Our units of study are as follows: First Twenty Days of Readers & Writers Workshop, Informational Reading, Literary Reading, Poetry, Expository Writing, and Narrative Writing.

The focus of the first six weeks is to teach students to become independent readers who engage with the text. In writing, the focus will be developing a community of young writers.

The first six weeks we will be spending our time setting up reader’s and writer’s workshop, establishing behaviors and routines to help our classroom run successfully and assessing students in order to gain knowledge on how to guide their learning. Students will work on building their reading and writing stamina, along with learning and practicing reading strategies. We will learn how to choose a “just right” book to read independently. In writing, students will develop topics and plans for writing.

Family Support

You can help your child in several ways.

  • Reinforce the need for daily reading in a variety of genres at his/her “just right” level.

  • Engage in discussion with your child about his/her reading.

  • Talk with your child about ideas they can write about.

  • When writing, reinforce the use of proper mechanics, grammar, and spelling.


Place value means that each position in a number has a different value associated with it, that is, 362 is three 100s, six 10s, and two 1s. Often, we teach children about place value by asking them to think about, the difference between the 2 in 12 and the 2 in 24. However, children learn more about place value by solving problems that involve collections of ones, tens and hundreds. When children learn about place value, they begin to understand that groups of 10 can be created and counted just like units of one. Concrete models and pictorial representations are used to help students develop a strong understanding of numbers and their value.

Family Support

You can help your child in several ways.

  • Count within 1000 using skip counting strategies.

  • Ask your child to compare two 6-digit numbers using <,>, or =.

  • Explore and discuss the key terms in the box below.

Math Vocabulary

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What is UPSL?

Check out this problem solving strategy that your student is using in class!


We love to celebrate birthdays! However, we are asking that parents notify their teacher with 24 hour notice prior to sending in treats with their students. Thank you for understanding!
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In this 3rd grade science unit we will learn how decisions can be made about objects and changing objects based on their physical properties. We will also conduct scientific inquiry using process skills to find and answer interesting questions. Through this students will have a better understanding of how the world around them works!

Hands on investigations will give students experience in observing, measuring and classifying the physical properties of matter using temperature, mass, magnetism, and the ability to sink or float. Students will also use this knowledge to predict, observe and record changes in the state of matter caused by heating or cooling

Social Studies

During the first six weeks, students will learn the government structures and functions in the local community, state, and nation. Students will also understand the important ideas in the American founding documents. This unit will allow students to participate as informed citizens of a Constitutional Republic.

Students will be expected explain the purpose of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Important Dates

9/11- Moment of Silence in Remembrance of 9/11; wear red, white, and blue!

9/11- Grandparent's Day

9/15- PTA General Meeting 7:00-8:00 PM (Cafeteria)

9/17- Constitution Day

10/5- Parent Conference Week/Early Release (more information to come)

10/12- Teacher Workday/Student Holiday

10/16- Fall Fling/Curriculum Night 5:30-7:30 PM

10/26- Red Ribbon Week

10/27- Picture Day

12/1- Picture make-up day

12/4- Tree Lighting/Choir Performance on the Square

Getting to Know Your Child

If you have not filled out the back to school questionnaire then please fill it out! Thanks!