Gold Rush

Jazmin desavedo

The Califrornia Gold Rush

James Wilson found gold while constructing a saw mill along the American river known as Sacromento.

In May 1848 the Gold Rush was sparked, and buissnesis closed their doors to get rich quick.

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The Fortyniners come to California

Men borrowed money or spent their life savings for their journy to California to become gold miners.

The gold dissapeared and mining was hard labor and dangerous and required more luck than skill.

Lasting Impact Of The Gold Rush

They didnt stop gold mining and it declined after 1852 with around 45 million per year by 1857.

People continued to move to California and by the end of the decade the population was 380,000.

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The Gold Rush

Indians were slaughtered for sport, mexicans were drove from the mines and they restricted foreigners.

U.S. had great farms,lands,mines and forest.