Join us in Maryland

A Thriving New Colony est. 1632

What Maryland Offers

Our Founder Cecilius Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore, has brought us millions of acres on the Chesapeake Bay in this new thriving Colony. In the Thriving economy of Tobacco, we are asked to produce mass amounts of this crop for the Queen of England, in which we are named after and are guaranteed a good lifestyle. This colony not only offers the quality lifestyle but religious toleration for all as this is a place that can be home for the persecuted.

Our History

Toleration Act of 1649 provides protection for catholic minorities.
Battle of the Severn in 1654 caused more separation between Protestants and Catholics.
Articles of Confederation are ratified in 1781.

Benjamin Banneker is an important figure for the Maryland colony as he was the son of a free African American and was self-taught until becoming a free American scientist.