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I Support..

I think it is wiser to support the patriots. Why? Because one, they British are tyrannical, two, the Patriots have a much more justified reason to fight compared to the British.


The Boston Massacre was a nasty mob that escalated into a fight that was not at all necessary. 5 people died and more were wounded. However, the "massacre" had a silver lining, at least for the patriots. Samuel Adams used the picture below to stir up hatred and anger towards the British. However, the picture is not entirely truthful. The British did not fire onto an innocent crown of people but a angry, shouting mob. Also, the captain of the guards, after they started firing, realized what was going on and shoved their rifles down, instead of raising his sword in the air and presumably shouting fire.

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On the misty night of December 16, 1773, a hoard of Patriots dressed as Indians went on boat and threw a bunch of tea in the water and attracted more attention to the Tea Act.

The Tea Party helped set the revolution in motion unlike anything else, because it made Lord North and other British leaders realize the Patriots were not going to let the British make unfair laws without a representative to speak for them.

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The Townshend Acts were, in a nutshell, a law that created taxes on popular things like glass, paper, paint, and tea. The tea one made the Patriots especially mad because they had already done things like the Boston Tea Party and yet the British still taxed them on it. A Samuel Adams led the opposition against the Townshend Acts. He wrote a letter to all the colonies saying that the acts were intoarable because they didn't have a representative to speak for them. This was very important later on because it got the other colonies to hate the British even more.