Proper Dining

What to do when dining?

When you get there and get seated you should..

When you get there you should wait on the hostess to seat you,once you are seated you should wait for them to ask what you would like to drink,then wait for them to bring it out and ask what you want to eat.

Difference in a la carte and la mode?

-A la carte comes with 2 sides

-A la mode is food severed with ice cream.

If you need the waiter you should..

-Make eye contact with the waiter

-Raise your hand

-Learn the waiters name

-Treat server with respect

What is a gratuity? And how should you figure it to the bill?

-A tip to the waiter.

-How to figure gratuity?

-Move decimal

-Double decimal

-Tip 18-20%

-Double the tax