What makes an Effective FB page

Professional Football Teams


When you think of the Pittsburgh Steelers you immediately think of the dynasty with 6 super bowls. The Pittsburgh Steelers have always been a great team and by far the best team in PA.

What to do?

To make an effective Facebook page you need to follow a few steps. The first is you have to post at least 6 times per day. This way you can get the information you need about your topic out there. Another thing you must do is you have to advertise your page, what good is there to have a great page where no one can see it. Another thing is that you have to keep you viewers interested and the only way to do that is to post videos, post questions about the team, etc. If you have all these things and put them to good work, you can have an effective Facebook page but it might take some time but after a while it will be worth it!

What to post?

If you talk about a professional sports teams you should want to post about:

-Key injuries

-Key upcoming games

-Key Players


-Information about the team