The Goose Goes Google

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Who has an account?

All students K-12 have GCCISD Google Accounts at the domain.

All staff have 2 GCCISD Google Accounts, one using the domain and one using the domain.

Why do staff members have 2 accounts?

In order for staff and students to be able to search for each other in the global address list, they must all have at the end of their email address. Therefore, if you are communicating and sharing information/files with students it is suggested you use the domain.

For staff to staff file sharing, it is suggested you use the account.

CAUTION: Some Google Apps and/or features may work in one domain and not the other.

  • For example:
    Google+, Talk, Hangouts, & Blogger will not work on your account.
    Gmail & Google Classroom will not work on your account.

What can I access with my account?

  • Elementary & Junior School students - Have access to Gmail but are only able to email accounts and receive emails from approved domains (,, etc.)
  • High School students - Have access to Gmail and are able to email any email address.

Google Drive - Access to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawing, and MORE!

Google Calendar - Save important events and add attachments. Learn more on using Google Calendars here.

Google Scholar - Search scholarly papers, save articles and citations to your account.

Google News - Search news stories and save personalized settings.

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Staff GCCISD Google Account

  • Email = Your first name followed by a period followed by your last name followed by OR depending on which domain you are logging into.
    NOTE: Some staff have the same name as others, watch the video below to find out your primary email address and what to use before the @ symbol.
    Example: My email address is so my account will be and my account will be

  • Default Password = Your password should be the same as your computer login password.
  • NOTE: Your password will be changed whenever your computer login password is updated.

Finding Your Email Address
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Student GCCISD Google Account Login Information

  • Email = first 3 letters of the first name followed by the last name followed by the last 3 digits of student ID # followed by
  • Password = birthday in MMDDYYYY format
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All student email accounts are listed in TEAMS under student information.

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